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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

His policy regarding European War


Walt, quoted, 173

Wilderness, the, Hooker trapped in, 192; Lee fights Grant in, 198

Williamsburg, Hooker defeated at, 186

Wilkes, Captain, seizes Mason and Slidell, 182; compliments to, 183

Wilmot Proviso, 122

Wilson, Woodrow, elected President, 236; career and character of, 236; his policy regarding European War, 238-239; supported by nation in declaring war, 239

Wolfe, James, takes Quebec, 160

"X.Y.Z." Letters, 63

Yorktown Peninsula, Cornwallis retires to, 34; McClellan lands on, 186

Yorktown, surrenders, 34; McClellan besieges, 186


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