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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

Stories of the Italian Artists from Vasari

=ALEXANDER (Mrs.), Novels by.= Crown 8vo. cloth, _3s. 6d._ net each. =Valerie's Fate.= =Mona's Choice.= =A Life Interest.= =Blind Fate.= =By Woman's Wit.= =The Cost of her Pride.= =A Golden Autumn.= =Barbara, Lady's Maid & Peeress.= =Mrs. Crichton's Creditor.= =A Missing Hero.= =A Fight with Fate.= =The Step-mother.=

=ANTROBUS (C. L.), Novels by.= Crown 8vo. cloth. _3s. 6d._ net each. =Quality Corner.= =Wildersmoor.= =The Wine or Finvarra.= =Stone Ezel.=

=ARCHER (WILLIAM).--The Pirate's Progress.= Demy 8vo. Coloured wrapper, _3d._ net.

=ART: A Critical Essay.= By CLIVE BELL. With 6 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, buckram, _5s._ net.

=ARNOLD (E. L.), Stories by.= =The Wonderful Adventures of Phra the Phoenician.= Crown 8vo, cloth, with 12 Illusts, by H. M. PAGET, _3s. 6d._ net. =The Constable of St. Nicholas.= With a Frontispiece. Crown 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net.

=ART and LETTERS LIBRARY (The)= Large crown 8vo. Each volume with 8 Coloured Plates, and 24 in Half-tone. Bound in cloth, _5s._ net per vol. EDITION DE LUXE, small 4to. printed on pure rag paper, with additional Plates, parchment, _10s. 6d._ net per

vol. =Stories of the Italian Artists from Vasari.= Collected and arranged by E. L. SEELEY. =Artists of the Italian Renaissance=: their Stories as set forth by Vasari, Rinolfi, Lanzi, and the Chroniclers. Collected and arranged by E. L. SEELEY. =Stories of the Flemish and Dutch Artists=, from the time of the Van Eycks to the End of the Seventeenth Century, drawn from Contemporary Records. Collected and arranged by VICTOR REYNOLDS. =Stories of the English Artists=, from Van Dyck to Turner (1600-1851). Collected and arranged by RANDALL DAVIES and CECIL HUNT. =Stories of the French Artists=, from Clouet to Delacroix. Collected and arranged by P. M. TURNER and C. H. COLLINS BAKER. =Stories of the Spanish Artists=, from Goya. By Sir WILLIAM STIRLING-MAXWELL. Selected and arranged by LUIS CARRENO. With Introduction by EDWARD HUTTON. =Stories of the German Artists=. By Prof. Dr. HANS W. SINGER. * * * * * =The Little Flowers of S. Francis of Assisi.= Translated by Prof. T. W. ARNOLD. With 8 Illustrations in Colour and 24 in Half-tone. =Of the Imitation of Christ.= By THOMAS A KEMPIS. Translated by RICHARD WHYTFORD. With Historical Introduction by WILFRID RAYNAL, O.S.B., and 8 Reproductions in Colour and other decorations by W. RUSSELL FLINT. The EDITION DE LUXE has four additional Plates in Colour and may be had bound in pigskin with clasps, _25s._ net. =The Confessions of Saint Augustine.= Translated by Dr. E. B. PUSEY. Edited by TEMPLE SCOTT. With an Introduction by Mrs. MEYNELL, and 12 Plates in Colour by MAXWELL ARMFIELD. The EDITION DE LUXE may be had bound in pigskin with clasps, _25s._ net. =The Master of Game=: The Oldest English Book on Hunting. By EDWARD, Second Duke of York. Edited by W. A. and F. BAILLIE-GROHMAN. Introduction by THEODORE ROOSEVELT, Photogravure Frontispiece and 23 full-page Illustrations. Large crown 8vo, cloth, _7s. 6d._ net; parchment, _10s. 6d._ net.

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