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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton


=CHESTERTON (G. K.).--A Short History of England.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _5s._ net.

=CHRISTMAS CAROLS, ANCIENT ENGLISH.= Collected and arranged by EDITH RICKERT. Post 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net. Parchment, _5s._ net.

_See also_ NEW MEDIEVAL LIBRARY, p. 19.

=CLAUDEL (PAUL).--The Tidings Brought to Mary.= Translated by LOUISE MORGAN SILL. Pott 4to, cloth, _6s._ net.

=CLODD (EDWARD).--Myths and Dreams.= Cr. 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net.

=COLLINS (J. CHURTON, M.A.). Jonathan Swift.= Cr. 8vo, cl., _3s. 6d._ net.

=COLLINS (WILKIE), Novels by.= Cr. 8vo, cl., _3s. 6d._ net each. =Antonina.= =Basil.= =Hide and Seek.= =The Woman in White.= =The Moonstone.= =Man and Wife.= =The Dead Secret.= =After Dark.= =The Queen of Hearts.= =No Name.= =My Miscellanies.= =Armadale.= =Poor Miss Finch.= =Miss or Mrs.?= =The Black Robe.= =The New Magdalen.= =Frozen Deep.= =A Rogue's Life.= =The Law and the Lady.= =The Two Destinies.= =The Haunted Hotel.= =The Fallen Leaves.= =Jezebel's Daughter.= =Heart and Science.= ="I Say No."= =The Evil Genius.= =Little Novels.= =The Legacy

of Cain.= =Blind Love.= * * * * * POPULAR EDITIONS, medium 8vo, _9d._ net each. =Antonina.= =Poor Miss Finch.= =The Woman in White.= =The Law and the Lady.= =Moonstone.= =The New Magdalen.= =The Dead Secret.= =Man and Wife.= =No Name.= =Armadale.= =The Haunted Hotel.= =Blind Love.= =The Legacy of Cain.= * * * * * =The Woman in White.= LARGE TYPE, FINE PAPER EDITION. Pott 8vo, cloth, gilt top, _2s. 6d._ net; leather, gilt top, _4s._ net. =The Frozen Deep.= LARGE TYPE EDIT. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, _1s._ net.

=COLVILL (HELEN H.).--The Incubus.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _6s._ net.

=COMPENSATION ACT (THE), 1906.= By A. CLEMENT EDWARDS, M. P. Crown 8vo, cloth, _1s. 6d._ net.

=COMPTON (HERBERT), Novels by.= =The Inimitable Mrs. Massingham.= POPULAR EDITION, med. 8vo, _9d._ net. * * * * * Crown 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net each. =The Wilful Way.= =The Queen can do no Wrong.= =To Defeat the Ends of Justice.=

=CORNWALL.--Popular Romances of the West of England=: Collected by ROBERT HUNT, F.R.S. With two Plates by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. Cr. 8vo, cloth, _6s._ net.

=CREIGHTON (BASIL).--The History of an Attraction.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _5s._ net.

=CRESSWELL (C. M.)--The Making and Breaking of Almansur.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _6s._ net.

=CROSS (MARGARET B.), Novels by.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _6s._ net each. =Opportunity.= =Up to Perrin's.= * * * * * =A Question of Means.= Cr. 8vo, cl., _3s. 6d._ net. POPULAR EDITION, medium 8vo, _9d._ net.

=CRUIKSHANK'S COMIC ALMANACK.= Complete in TWO SERIES: the FIRST from 1835 to 1843; the SECOND, from 1844 to 1853. With many hundred Woodcuts and Steel Plates by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK and others. Two Vols., crown 8vo, cloth, _5s._ net each.

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