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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

The Pocket Charles Dickens Passages chosen by ALFRED H

=CROKER (B. M.), Novels by.= Cr. 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net each. =A Bird of Passage.= =Mr. Jervis.= =Diana Barrington.= ="To Let."= =A Family Likeness.= =Terence.= =A Third Person.= =Interference.= =Beyond the Pale.= =Two Masters.= =Infatuation.= =Some One Else.= =In the Kingdom of Kerry.= =Jason, &c.= =Married or Single?= =Miss Balmaine's Past.= =Pretty Miss Neville.= =Proper Pride.= =The Cat's-paw.= =The Real Lady Hilda.= =The Spanish Necklace.= =Village Tales & Jungle Tragedies.= =A Rolling Stone.= * * * * * POPULAR EDITIONS, med. 8vo, _9d._ net each. =Proper Pride.= =The Cat's-paw.= =Diana Barrington.= =A Bird of Passage.= =A Family Likeness.= =The Spanish Necklace.= =A Rolling Stone.= =Infatuation.= =Pretty Miss Neville.= =Beyond the Pale.= =The Real Lady Hilda.= =Married or Single?=

=CUPID AND PSYCHE.= With 8 Illustrations in colour by DOROTHY MULLOCK. Fcap. 4to, boards, _5s._ net.

=CUSSANS (JOHN E.).--A Handbook of Heraldry.= With 408 Woodcuts and 2 Colrd. Plates. Cr. 8vo, cl., _5s._ net.

=DAVIES (Dr. N. E. YORKE-).= Crown 8vo, _1s._ net; cloth, _1s. 6d._ net. =The Dietetic Cure of Obesity (Foods for the Fat).= * * * * * =Aids to Long Life.= Cr. 8vo, _2s._ net; cl. _2s. 6d_, net. * * * * * Crown 8vo, cloth, _1s. 6d._ net. =Wine and Health=: How to enjoy both. =One Thousand Medical Maxims and Surgical Hints.= =Nursery Hints=: A Mother's Guide.

=DELSTANCHE (ALBERT).--The Little Towns of Flanders.= Twelve Woodcuts, with Prefatory Letter from EMILE VERHAEREN. Fcap. 4to, boards, _3s. 6d._ net. _See also_ under FLORENCE PRESS BOOKS, page 10.

=DEVON: Its Moorlands, Streams, and Coasts.= By Lady ROSALIND NORTHCOTE. Illustrated in Colours by F. J. WIDGERY. Fcap. 4to, cloth, _10s. 6d._ net. =Folk Rhymes of Devon.= By W. CROSSING. Demy 8vo, cloth. _4s. 6d._ net. =Lynton and Lynmouth.= By JOHN PRESLAND. Illustrated in Colour by F. J. WIDGERY. Crown 8vo, cloth. _7s. 6d._ net.

=DEWAR (GEORGE A. B.).--This Realm, This England.= With 9 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth, _2s._ net.

=DEWAR (T. R.).--A Ramble Round the Globe.= With 220 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth, _6s._ net.

=DICKENS (CHARLES), The Speeches of.= With a Portrait. Pott 8vo, cloth. _2s. 6d._ net; leather, _4s._ net. =Charles Dickens.= By ALGERNON CHARLES SWINBURNE. Crown 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net. =The Pocket Charles Dickens:= Passages chosen by ALFRED H. HYATT. 16mo. cloth, _2s. 6d._ net; leather, gilt top, _4s._ net.

=DICTIONARIES.= =A Dictionary of the Drama.= By W. DAVENPORT ADAMS. Vol I. (A to G). Demy 8vo, cloth. _10s. 6d._ net. =The Reader's Handbook.= By Rev. E. C. BREWER, LL.D. Crown 8vo, cloth, _5s._ net. =Familiar Allusions.= By W. A. and C. G. WHEELER. Demy 8vo, cl. _7s. 6d._ net. =Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men.= With Explanatory Notes by E. EDWARDS. Crown 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net.

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