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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

The FIRST SERIES contains The Sorcerer H

=FRANKAU (GILBERT).--One of Us=: A Novel in Verse. Crown 8vo, paper, _1s._ net. Special Edition with Illustrations by "FISH." Fcap. 4to, boards, _5s._ net. 100 copies bound in parchment and signed by the Author and Artist, _12s. 6d._ net. Only a few remain. ="Tid'Apa"=: A Poem. Demy 8vo, boards, _2s. 6d._ net. =The City of Fear.= Pott 4to, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net. =The Judgement of Valhalla.= Pott 4to, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net. =The Woman of the Horizon.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _6s._ net.

=FREEMAN (R. AUSTIN).--John Thorndyke's Cases.= Illustrated by H. M. BROCK, &c. POPULAR EDITION, medium 8vo, _9d._ net.

=FRY'S (HERBERT).--Royal Guide to the London Charities.= Edited by JOHN LANE. Published Annually. Crown 8vo, cloth, _1s. 6d._ net.

=FRY (ROGER).--Children's Pictures and the Teaching of Art.= Illustrated in Colour and Monochrome. Fcap. 4to, boards, _2s. 6d._ net.

=GARDENING BOOKS.= Post 8vo, _1s. 6d._ net each. =A Year's Work in Garden and Greenhouse.= By GEORGE GLENNY. Also an edition at _1s._ net. =Household Horticulture.= By TOM and JANE JERROLD. Illustrated. =The Garden that Paid the Rent.= By TOM JERROLD. * * * * * =Our Kitchen Garden.= By TOM JERROLD. Post 8vo, cloth, _1s._


=GIBBON (CHARLES), Novels by.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net each. =Robin Gray.= =The Golden Shaft.= =The Flower of the Forest.= =The Braes of Yarrow.= =Of High Degree.= =Queen of the Meadow.= =By Mead and Stream.= =For Lack of Gold.= * * * * * =The Dead Heart.= POPULAR EDITION, medium 8vo, _9d._ net.

=GIBBS (A. HAMILTON).--Cheadle and Son.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _6s._ net.

=GIBSON (L. S.), Novels by.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net each. =The Freemasons.= =Burnt Spices.= =Ships of Desire.= * * * * * =The Freemasons.= Cheap Edition, medium 8vo, _9d._ net.

=GILBERT'S (W. S.) Original Plays.= In 4 Series. FINE-PAPER EDITION, Pott 8vo, cloth, _2s. 6d._ net each; leather, gilt top, _4s._ net each. The FIRST SERIES contains: The Wicked World--Pygmalion and Galatea--Charity--The Princess--The Palace of Truth--Trial by Jury--Iolanthe. The SECOND SERIES contains: Broken Hearts--Engaged--Sweethearts --Gretchen--Dan'l Druce--Tom Cobb--H.M.S. 'Pinafore'--The Sorcerer--The Pirates of Penzance. The THIRD SERIES contains: Comedy and Tragedy--Foggerty's Fairy --Rosencrantz and Guildenstern--Patience--Princess Ida--The Mikado--Ruddigore--The Yeomen of the Guard--The Gondoliers --The Mountebanks--Utopia. The FOURTH SERIES contains: The Fairy's Dilemma--The Grand Duke --His Excellency--'Haste to the Wedding'--Fallen Fairies--The Gentleman in Black--Brantinghame Hall--Creatures of Impulse --Randall's Thumb--The Fortune-hunter--Thespis. With Portrait of the Author. * * * * * =Eight Original Comic Operas.= Two Series, demy 8vo, cl., _2s. 6d._ net each. The FIRST SERIES contains: The Sorcerer--H.M.S. 'Pinafore'--The Pirates of Penzance--Iolanthe--Patience--Princess Ida--The Mikado--Trial by Jury. The SECOND SERIES contains: The Gondoliers--The Grand Duke--The Yeomen of the Guard--His Excellency--Utopia, Limited--Ruddigore --The Mountebanks--Haste to the Wedding. * * * * * =The Gilbert and Sullivan Birthday Book.= Compiled by A. WATSON. Royal 16mo, decorated cover, _1s._ net.

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