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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

With Introduction by Prof


Eikon Basilike.= Ed. by ED.

ALMACK, F.S.A. =6. Kings' Letters. Part I.=: From Alfred To the Coming of the Tudors. Edited By ROBERT STEELE, F.S.A. =7. Kings' Letters. Part II.=: From the Early Tudors; With Letters of Henry VIII. and Anne Boleyn. =8. Chaucer's Knight's Tale.= _In modern English by_ Prof. SKEAT. *=9. Chaucer's Man of Law's Tale, Squire's Tale, and Nun's Priest's Tale.= _In modern English by_ Prof. SKEAT. *=10. Chaucer's Prioress's Tale, Pardoner's Tale, Clerk's Tale, and Canon's Yeoman's Tale.= _In modern English by_ Prof. SKEAT. (see Also Nos. 8, 47, 48.) =11. The Romance of Fulk Fitzwarine.= Translated by ALICE KEMP-WELCH; Introduction by Prof. BRANDIN. =12. The Story of Cupid and Psyche.= From "The Golden Ass," ADLINGTON'S Translation. Edited by W. H. D. ROUSE. =13. Life of Margaret Godolphin.= By JOHN EVELYN. =14. Early Lives of Dante.= Translated by Rev. P. H. WICKSTEED. =15. the Falstaff Letters.= By JAMES WHITE. =16. Polonius= By EDWARD FITZGERALD. =17. Mediaeval Lore.= From BARTHOLOMAEUS ANGLICUS. Edited by ROBERT STEELE. With Preface by WILLIAM MORRIS. =18. The Vision of Piers the Plowman.= By WILLIAM LANGLAND. _In modern English by_ Prof. SKEAT. =19. The Gull's Hornbook.= By THOMAS DEKKER. Edited by R. B. MCKERROW, M.A. +=20. The Nun's Rule, Or Ancren Riwle in modern
English.= Edited by ABBOT GASQUET. =21. Memoirs of Robert Cary, Earl of Monmouth.= Edited by G. H. POWELL. =22. Early Lives of Charlemagne.= Translated by A. J. GRANT. (see also No. 45.) =23. Cicero's "Friendship," "Old Age," and "Scipio's Dream."= Edited by W. H. D. ROUSE, Litt D. +=24. Wordsworth's Prelude.= With Notes by W. B. WORSFOLD, M.A. =25. The Defence of Guenevere, and other Poems by William Morris.= With Introduction by ROBERT STEELE. =26, 27. Browning's Men and Women.= Notes by W. B. WORSFOLD, M.A. [_In 2 Vols._ =28. Poe's Poems.= Notes by EDWARD HUTTON. =29. Shakespeare's Sonnets.= Edited by C. C. STOPES. =30. George Eliot's Silas Marner.= With Introduction by Dr. R. GARNETT. =31. Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield.= With Introduction by Dr. R. GARNETT. =32. Charles Reade's Peg Woffington.= With Introduction by Dr. R. GARNETT. =33. The Household of Sir Thomas More.= By ANNE MANNING. With Preface by Dr. R. GARNETT. (see Also Nos. 4, 40.) =34. Sappho: One Hundred Lyrics.= By BLISS CARMAN. =35. Wine, Women, and Song: Mediaeval Latin Students' Songs.= Translated, with Introd., by J. ADDINGTON SYMONDS. =36, 37. George Pettie's Petite Pallace Of Pettie His Pleasure.= Edited by Prof. I. GOLLANCZ. [_In Two Volumes._ =38. Walpole's Castle of Otranto.= With Preface by Miss SPURGEON. =39. The Poets Royal of England and Scotland.= Original Poems by Royal And Noble Persons. Edited by W. BAILEY KEMPLING. =40. Sir Thomas More's Utopia.= Edited by ROBERT STEELE, F.S.A. *=41. Chaucer's Legend of Good Women.= _In modern English by_ Prof. SKEAT. =42. Swift's Battle of the Books=, &c. Edited by A. GUTHKELCH. =43. Sir William Temple upon the Gardens Of Epicurus, with other XVIIth Century Essays.= Edited by A. FORBES SIEVEKING, F.S.A. =45. The Song of Roland.= Translated By Mrs CROSLAND. With Introduction by Prof. BRANDIN. (See also No. 22.) =46. Dante's Vita Nuova.= The Italian Text, with ROSSETTI'S translation, and Introd. by Dr H. OELSNER. (See also

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