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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

Translated from the Latin by W

=PAYN (JAMES), Novels by.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net each. =Lost Sir Massingberd.= =The Clyffards of Clyffe.= =A County Family.= =Less Black than We're Painted.= =By Proxy.= =For Cash Only.= =High Spirits.= =Sunny Stories.= =A Confidential Agent.= =A Grape from a Thorn.= 12 Illusts. =The Family Scapegrace.= =Holiday Tasks.= =At Her Mercy.= =The Talk of the Town.= 12 Illusts. =The Mystery of Mirbridge.= =The Word and the Will.= =The Burnt Million.= =A Trying Patient.= =Gwendoline's Harvest.= =A Woman's Vengeance.= =The Best of Husbands.= =The Foster Brothers.= =Found Dead.= =Kit: A Memory.= =Murphy's Master.= =Not Wooed but Won.= =Married Beneath Him.= =Under One Roof.= =A Modern Dick Whittington.= With Portrait of Author. * * * * * POPULAR EDITIONS, med. 8vo, _9d._ net each. =Lost Sir Massingberd.= =Walter's Word.= =By Proxy.=

=PEACE ON EARTH: The Story of the Birth of Christ in the Words of the Gospel.= Illust. by THOMAS DERRICK. Small 4to, bds., _1s._ net.

=PENNY (F. E.), Novels by.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net each. =The Sanyasi.= =Caste and Creed.= =Dilys.= =The Tea-Planter.= =Inevitable Law.= =The Rajah.= =The Unlucky Mark.= =Sacrifice.= =Dark Corners.= =Love in the Hills.= =The Malabar Magician.= =The Outcaste.= * * * * * Crown 8vo, cloth, _6s._ net. each. =Love in a Palace.= =Love by an Indian River.= =Missing!= =A Love Tangle.= * * * * * POPULAR EDITIONS, med. 8vo, _9d._ net each. =The Tea-Planter.= =Inevitable Law.= =Caste and Creed.= =The Sanyasi.=

=PERRIN (ALICE), Novels by.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net each. =A Free Solitude.= =East of Suez.= =The Waters of Destruction.= =Red Records.= =The Stronger Claim.= =Idolatry.= * * * * * POPULAR EDITIONS, med. 8vo, _9d._ net each. =The Stronger Claim.= =The Waters of Destruction.= =Idolatry.= =A Free Solitude.=

=PETIT HOMME ROUGE (Le).= See under Vizetelly (E. A.), page 31.

=PETRARCH'S SECRET; or, The Soul's Conflict with Passion.= Three Dialogues. Translated from the Latin by W. H. DRAPER. With 2 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth, _6s._ net.

=PHIL MAY'S Sketch-Book:= 54 Cartoons. Crown folio, cloth, _2s. 6d._ net.

=PHIPSON (Dr. T. L.).--Famous Violinists and Fine Violins.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _5s._ net.

=PICKTHALL (MARMADUKE).--Larkmeadow.= Crown 8vo, cl., _6s._ net.

=PLUTARCH'S Lives of Illustrious Men.= With Portraits. Two Vols., 8vo, half cl., _10s. 6d._ net.

=POE'S (EDGAR ALLAN) Choice Works.= With an Introduction by CHAS. BAUDELAIRE. Crown 8vo, cl., _3s. 6d._ net.

=POLLEN (A. H.).--The Navy in Battle.= Illust. Dy. 8vo. cl., _7s. 6d._ net.

=POUGIN (ARTHUR).--A Short History of Russian Music.= Translated by LAWRENCE HAWARD. Crown 8vo, cloth, _5s._ net.

=PRAED (Mrs. CAMPBELL), Novels by.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net each. =Outlaw and Lawmaker.= =Christina Chard.= =Mrs. Tregaskiss.= With 8 Illustrations. =Nulma.= =Madame Izan.= =The Lost Earl of Ellan.= * * * * * =Our Book of Memories.= Letters from JUSTIN MCCARTHY. With Ports. and Views. Demy 8vo, cl., _12s. 6d._ net. See also under JUSTIN MCCARTHY.

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