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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

Swinburne's Collected Tragedies

=STONE (CHRISTOPHER),= Novels by. Cr. 8vo, cloth, _6s._ net each. =They also Serve.= =The Shoe of a Horse.= * * * * * =The Noise of Life.= _3s. 6d._ net.

=STOTT (BEATRICE).--Christian Derrick.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _6s._ net.

=STRACHEY (LYTTON).--Eminent Victorians.= With 6 Portraits. Demy 8vo, cloth, _10s. 6d._ net.

=STRAUS (RALPH), Novels by.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _6s._ net each. =The Man Apart.= =The Little God's Drum.=

=STRUTT (JOSEPH).--The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England.= With 140 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth, _3s. 6d._ net.

=STUART (H. LONGAN), Novels by.= Crown 8vo, cloth, _6s._ net each. =Weeping Cross.= =Fenella.=

=STUCKENBERG (VIGGO).--By the Wayside.= Translated from the Danish and illustrated by Una Hook. Small fcap. 4to, boards, _3s. 6d._ net.

=SUTRO (ALFRED).--The Foolish Virgins.= Fcp. 8vo, cloth, _1s. 6d._ net.

=SWIFT'S (Dean) Choice Works=, in Prose and Verse. Cr. 8vo, cl., _3s. 6d._ net. =Jonathan Swift=: A Study. By J. CHURTON COLLINS. Cr. 8vo, cl., _3s. 6d._ net.

=SWINBURNE'S (ALGERNON CHARLES) Works.= =Mr. Swinburne's Collected Tragedies.= In 5 Vols., cr. 8vo, _30s._ net the set. =Songs before Sunrise.= FLORENCE PRESS EDITION. Crown 4to, hand-made paper, boards, _26s._ net; vellum, _36s._ net. =Selections.= Fcap. 8vo, cloth, _6s._ =Dolores.= Small 4to, boards, _1s._ net. * * * * * =The Queen-Mother; and Rosamond.= Crown 8vo, _7s. 6d._ net. =Atalanta in Calydon.= Crown 8vo, _6s._ =Chastelard=: A Tragedy. Crown 8vo, _7s._ =Poems and Ballads.= FIRST SERIES Crown 8vo, _9s._ =Poems and Ballads.= SECOND SERIES Crown 8vo, _9s._ =Poems and Ballads.= THIRD SERIES Crown 8vo, _7s._ =Songs before Sunrise.= Cr. 8vo, _10s. 6d._ =Bothwell=: A Tragedy. Crown 8vo, _12s. 6d._ =Songs of Two Nations.= Crown 8vo, _6s._ =George Chapman.= (in Vol. II. of G. CHAPMAN'S Works.) Cr. 8vo, _3s. 6d._ net. =Essays and Studies.= Crown 8vo, _12s._ =Erechtheus=: A Tragedy. Crown 8vo, _6s._ =A Note on Charlotte Bronte.= Crown 8vo, _6s._ =A Study of Shakespeare.= Cr. 8vo, _8s._ =Songs of the Springtides.= Cr. 8vo, _6s._ =Studies in Song.= Crown 8vo, _7s._ =Mary Stuart:= A Tragedy. Crown 8vo, _8s._ =Tristram of Lyonesse.= Crown 8vo, _6s._ =A Century of Roundels.= Cr. 8vo, _6s._ =A Midsummer Holiday.= Cr. 8vo, _7s._ =Marino Faliero=: A Tragedy. Cr. 8vo, _6s._ =A Study of Victor Hugo.= Cr. 8vo, _6s._ =Miscellanies. =Crown 8vo, _12s._ =Locrine=: A Tragedy. Crown 8vo, _6s._ =A Study of Ben Jonson.= Cr. 8vo, _7s._ =The Sisters=: A Tragedy. Crown 8vo, _6s._ =Astrophel, &c.= Crown 8vo, _7s._ =Studies in Prose and Poetry.= Crown 8vo, _9s._ =The Tale of Balen.= Crown 8vo, _7s._ =Rosamund, Queen of the Lombards=: A Tragedy. Crown 8vo, _6s._ =A Channel Passage.= Crown 8vo, _7s._ =Love's Cross-Currents=: A Year's Letters. Crown 8vo, _6s._ net. =William Blake.= Crown 8vo, _6s._ net. =The Duke of Gandia.= Crown 8vo, _5s._ =The Age of Shakespeare.= Crown 8vo, _6s._ net. =Charles Dickens.= Cr. 8vo, _3s. 6d._ net.

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