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A Holiday in the Happy Valley with Pen and Pencil

Which it joins below Islamabad


Lahore, Capital of the Punjab. An ancient and interesting city, which (like Agra and Delhi) only attained its zenith of prosperity in the days of Akbar. Lakri, A stick (at Gulmarg also a golf-club). Lalpura, A charming village in the Lolab. Larch, Lidar, Liddar, or Lambodri, Drains the Kolahoi district, and forms the first substantial affluent of the Jhelum, which it joins below Islamabad. Lidarwat, A small Grujar village fifteen miles above Pahlgam, on the left bank of the river, about 10,000 ft. above sea-level. Logue or Log, Folk. Lumbadhar, The headman of a village.

Machipura, "The Place of Fish"--why, I cannot imagine! The district lying along the east foothills of the Kaj-nag. Mahadeo, (Mahadeva or Shiva) A sacred mountain and object of pilgrimage, north of Srinagar, 13,500 feet high. Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, H.H. Sir Pratab Singh, G.C.S.I., succeeded his father Ranbir Singh (who was third son of Gulah Singh) in 1885. The family is of the Rajput Dogras. "His kindness to all classes has won him the affection of his people" (Lawrence). Maharana, H.H. the Maharana Dhiraj Sir Fateh Singh, G.C.S.I., of Udaipur, is head of the Rajput princes in point of blood, being descended from the Suryabansi, or Children of the Sun. Mahseer, Malingam, Manji or Hanji, A Kashmiri water-thief or boatman. Manserah, Mar (snake) Canal. A dirty but most picturesque waterway between the Dal and the Anchar Lakes. Marg,(Margh?) Persian

for a garden abounding in plants. Margam, Martand, The principal temple in Kashmir--stands on a high karewa some few miles from Islamabad. Metal-work, Mewar, Mogul, The Moguls were a warlike people of Central Asia, who, under Timur (Tamerlane) their chief, sacked Delhi in 1398. At the great battle of Panipat, in 1524, Baber the Mogul (direct descendant of Timur) defeated the Sultans of Delhi. He was the first of the six "Great" Moguls (the others being Humayun, Akbar, Jehangir, Shah Jehan, and Aurungzeb), who ruled India with unparalleled magnificence for 150 years. Mulberry, (_Morus sp_. Kashmiri _Tul_) A very precious tree in Kashmir, on account of the silk industry. It grows to a great size, attaining a girth of 25 feet. Murghi, A fowl. Murree, A hill station and sanatorium, 37 miles from Rawal Pindi, on a hill 7500 feet above the sea. Its importance dates from 1850. Forster speaks of it as a small village in 1786. Musafferabad, ("The Place of Victory") Built by Masufer Khan, Rajah of Chikri. Mussick, Water-skin.

NAG, A mountain lake or tarn. Nagas, Human-bodied, snake-tailed gods. Nagmarg, Nanga Parbat, A great mountain in the Chilas country, 26,620 feet high (the fourth in point of height in the world), Mommery and two guides were destroyed in 1895, probably by an avalanche, while attempting the ascent. Nassim Bagh, ("The Garden of Delicious Breezes") A favourite spot in the days of the Mogul Emperors. Akbar planted 1200 chenars. Neem tree. Neve, Dr. A. He and his brother are surgeons to the Kashmir Medical Mission, where for many years they have carried on the somewhat thankless task of benefiting the natives. Nishat Bagh, ("The Garden of Drink") Nopura, A village on the Pohru. Nourmahal, ("Light of the Palace"), or, more properly, Nur Jehan Begum ("Light of the World"), was the wife of Jehaugir, celebrated in Mooree's _Lalla Rookh_. Her life story was very curious. See Forster's _Journey from Bengal to England_, London, 1798. Nullah, A valley or ravine. Numdah,

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