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A History of Rome to 565 A. D. by Boak

Chapter xviii from nerva to diocletian 96 285 a

of 43 B. C.; the victory

of Octavian over Antony and Cleopatra; Society and Intellectual Life in the Last Century of the Republic. PART III THE PRINCIPATE OR EARLY EMPIRE: 27 B. C.-285 A. D. CHAPTER XVI THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE PRINCIPATE: 27 B. C.-14 A. D. 205 The Princeps; the Senate, the Equestrians and the Plebs; the Military Establishment; the Revival of Religion and Morality; the Provinces and the Frontiers; the Administration of Rome; the Problem of the Succession; Augustus as a Statesman. CHAPTER XVII THE JULIO-CLAUDIAN LINE AND THE FLAVIANS: 14-96 A. D. 226 Tiberius; Caius Caligula; Claudius; Nero; the First War of the Legions or the Year of the Four Emperors; Vespasian and Titus; Domitian. CHAPTER XVIII FROM NERVA TO DIOCLETIAN: 96-285 A. D. 244 Nerva and Trajan; Hadrian; the Antonines; the Second War of the Legions; the Dynasty of the Severi; the Dissolution and Restoration of the Empire. CHAPTER XIX THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION UNDER THE PRINCIPATE 264 The Victory of Autocracy; the Growth of the Civil Service; the Army and the Defence of the Frontiers; the Provinces under the Principate; Municipal Life; the Colonate or Serfdom. CHAPTER XX RELIGION AND SOCIETY 293 Society under the Principate; the Intellectual World; the Imperial Cult and the Oriental Religions in Roman
Paganism; Christianity and the Roman State. PART IV THE AUTOCRACY OR LATE EMPIRE: 285-565 A. D. CHAPTER XXI FROM DIOCLETIAN TO THEODOSIUS THE GREAT: THE INTEGRITY OF THE 317 EMPIRE MAINTAINED: 285-395 A. D. Diocletian; Constantine I, the Great; the Dynasty of Constantine; the House of Valentinian and Theodosius the Great. CHAPTER XXII THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF THE LATE EMPIRE 333 The Autocrat and his Court; the Military Organization; the Perfection of the Bureaucracy; the Nobility and the Senate; the System of Taxation and the Ruin of the Municipalities. CHAPTER XXIII THE GERMANIC OCCUPATION OF ITALY AND THE WESTERN PROVINCES: 351 395-493 A. D. General Characteristics of the Period; the Visigothic Migrations; the Vandals; the Burgundians, Franks and Saxons; the Fall of the Empire in the West; the Survival of the Empire in the East. CHAPTER XXIV THE AGE OF JUSTINIAN: 518-565 A. D. 369 The Germanic Kingdoms in the West to 533 A. D.; the Restoration of the Imperial Power in the West; Justinian's Frontier Problems and Internal Administration. CHAPTER XXV RELIGIOUS AND INTELLECTUAL LIFE IN THE LATE EMPIRE 385 The End of Paganism; the Church in the Christian Empire; Sectarian Strife; Monasticism; Literature and Art. EPILOGUE 403 CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE 405 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTE 415 INDEX 423


The Roman Empire in the Second Century A. D. _Frontispiece_ PAGE The Peoples of Italy about 500 B. C. 14 The Environs of Rome 24 Roman Expansion in Italy to 265 B. C. 32 The Expansion of Rome in the Mediterranean World 68 265-44 B. C. The Roman Empire from 31 B. C. to 300 A. D. 204 The Roman Empire in 395 A. D. 332 The Roman Empire and the Germanic Kingdoms in 526 368 A. D. The Roman Empire in 565 A. D. 380

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