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A History of Rome to 565 A. D. by Boak

Julian Flavius Claudius Julianus


of Numidia, transferred to

Mauretania, 221-222. Judaea, annexed to province of Syria, 161; made Roman province, 221; under imperial legate, 239. Judiciary law, of C. Gracchus, 129; of Drusus, 139; of Sulla, 149; of Pompey and Crassus, 156. Jugurtha, prince, later king of Numidia, intrigues and war with Rome, 132-135. Jugurthine War, 132-135. Julia, daughter of Julius Caesar, 167; death, 172. Julia, daughter of Augustus, 223, 224. Julia Maesa, grandmother of Elagabalus, 256. Julia Mamaea, mother of Severus Alexander, 257. Julian (Flavius Claudius Julianus), Caesar, 326; campaigns of, 326-328; emperor, 327-328; ---- and Christianity, 327-328. Julian, (Salvius Julianus), jurist, 301. Julian law (_lex Julia_), the, granting citizenship to the Italians, 141. Julian laws, of 19 and 18 B. C., 215. Julian Municipal law (_lex Julia Municipalis_), the, 181. C. Julius Caesar, early life, 162; joins forces with Crassus, 162; pontifex maximus, 163; in First Triumvirate, 165; consul, 165-167; command in Gaul, 167-172; strife with Pompey, 173-176; conquers Italy and Spain, 175; dictator, 175, 177; in Egypt and Syria, 176-177; in Africa, 177;
dictatorship for life, and other powers and honors, 178-179; reforms of, 180-181; aims at monarchy, 179-180; assassinated, 182-183; estimate of career of, 183-184; oratory and writings of, 200. C. Julius Caesar Octavianus, heir of Julius Caesar, 185; return to Rome, 186-188; in Triumvirate of 43 B. C., 188-190; strife with Antony, 190, 192-195; invasion of Egypt, and triumph, 195; restores the commonwealth, 205; granted titles of Augustus and Imperator, 206. (For subsequent acts, _see_ Augustus.) Julius Nepos, western emperor, 360. C. Julius Vindex, legate, rebellion of, 235. Junian law (_lex Junia_), 266. D. Junius Brutus, conspirator against Caesar, 183, 185, 186; killed, 188. M. Junius Brutus, conspirator against Caesar, 182-183, 185; war with Antony and Octavian, 189-190; exactions of, in Cyprus, 196. Junonia, Roman colony, 130; abandoned, 131. Jupiter, Latiaris, 26; Capitolinus, 63. Jurisprudence, Roman, in third and second centuries B. C., 121-122; in last century of Republic, 201; under the Principate, 301. Jurists, the Roman, 301. Jury courts, for trial of bribery, etc., established by Sulla, 149; composition of, reorganized 70 B. C., 156; _ tribuni aerarii_ removed from, 181. _ See also_ court of extortion. Justice, administration of, under the Principate, 266-267. Justin I (Justinus), eastern emperor, 374. Justinian (Justinianus), eastern emperor, character and policy of, 374-375; reign of, 375-384; Code of, 382. Juvenal (Decimus Junius Juvenalis), satirist, 300.

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