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A History of Rome to 565 A. D. by Boak

Control over consuls restricted

S. = Sextus. St. Anthony, founds monastic colony, 395. St. Sophia, building of, 383. Sabellians, the, 15. Sabines, the, 15, 39. _ Sacrosanctitas_, of tribune, 179; granted to Octavian, 193. Saducees, the, 238. Saguntum, allied with Rome, 79; taken by Hannibal, 79; by Romans, 83. Salassi, the, 217. C. Sallustius Crispus, historical writer, 200. Salvius, leader of slave rebellion, 137. Salvius Julianus, jurist, 248. Salyes, the, tribe of Liguria, conquered by Rome, 132. Samnites, the, 15; wars of, with Rome, 37-39; Roman allies, 39; join Tarentum, 40; reconquered, 41. Sapor I, king of the Persians, 259, 260. Sapor II, king of Persia, war with Constantius II and Julian, 326-328. Saracens, the, invasion of, 404. Sardinia, geography of, 4; inhabitants of, 15; ceded to Rome by Carthage, 75; a Roman province, 111; placed under imperial procurator, 216. Satire, origin of name and form, 121. Satricum, 34. Saturninus and Glaucia, leaders of the Populares, 138. Saxons, the, 259; invade Britain, 357. Scaevola, see Q. Mucius Scaevola. Scholarians, the, 335, 336. Scipio, _see_ P. Cornelius Scipio. Scipionic circle, the, 120, 121. Scribonia, wife of Octavian,
191. _ Scutum_, shield, 59. Secretaryships, the Imperial, 269-270. Sectarianism, of the eastern church, 391; sectarian strife, 391-394. Secular Games, the, 216. Seianus (Sejanus), _see_ L. AElius Seianus. Seleucia, 246, 250; sacked, 253. Sempronia, wife of Scipio AEmilianus, 127, 128. Ti. Sempronius, consul, in Sicily, 79; defeated at Trebia, 81. C. Sempronius Gracchus, land commissioner, 127; tribunate and legislation of, 128-130; overthrow, 130; oratory of, 200. Ti. Sempronius Gracchus, consul, killed by Hannibal, 82. Ti. Sempronius Gracchus, tribune, 126, 127. Senate, the Roman, in regal period, 28; limited to patricians, 29; directs foreign policy, 43, 45; represents wealthy proprietors, 45; supports propertied elements in Italy, 45; of early Republic, 47; appoints promagistrates, 51; plebeians admitted to, 56; revised by Appius Claudius, 56; supports Greeks against Philip V, 90; supports Greek aristocracies, 95; control of public policy, 105-107; dissolves Bacchanalian associations, 106; failure of foreign policy of, 108; and provincial government, 110-114; prerogatives attacked by Gracchi, 127-131; control over consuls restricted, 129; weakened as result of Gracchan disorders,

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