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How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers by Wood

Produced by David Garcia, David Newman and James Rose

[Illustration: Nature Series No. 23. How To Tell The Birds From The Flowers.]

How To Tell The Birds From The Flowers.

A Manual of Flornithology for Beginners.


Verses and Illustrations By Robert Williams Wood.

Published by Paul Elder and Company San Francisco and New York.

Copyright 1907 By Paul Elder and Company



Page. The Bird. The Burdock. 1. The Clover. The Plover. 2. The Crow. The Crocus. 3. The Rue. The Rooster. 4. The Parrot. The Carrot. 5. The Pea. The Pewee. 6. The Pelican. The Panicle. 7. The Hen. The Lichen. 8. The Hawk. The Hollyhock. 9. The Cow Bird. The Cowslip. 10. A Sparrer. Asparagus. 11. The Tern. The Turnip. 12. The Ole Gander. The Oleander. 14. The Blue Mountain Lory. The Blue Morning Glory. 15. The Quail. The Kale. 16. The Pecan. The Toucan. 17. The Auk. The Orchid. 18. The Cat-bird. The Catnip. 20. The Ibis. The 'Ibiscus. 21. The Butter-ball. The Buttercup. 22. The Bay. The Jay. 23. The Pipe. The Snipe. 24. The Roc. The Shamrock. 25. The Lark. The Larkspur. 26. The Puffin. Nuffin. 27.

Author's Apology. 28.

Burr. Bird.

[Illustration: Burr. Bird.]

The Bird and the Burdock.

Who _is_ there who has never heard, About the Burdock and the Bird? And yet how _very very_ few, Discriminate between the two, While even Mr. Burbank can't Transform a Bird into a Plant!

[Illustration: Burbank.]

The Clover. The Plover.

[Illustration: The Clover. The Plover.]

The Plover and the Clover can be told apart with ease, By paying close attention to the habits of the Bees, For en-to-molo-gists aver, the Bee can be in Clover, While ety-molo-gists concur, there is no B in Plover.

The Crow. The Crocus.

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