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Hunting Dogs by Oliver Hartley

The pendulous lips of the Bulldog

1. ARM.

Blaze.--A white mark up the face.

Brush.--The tail of a Collie, or any bushy tail.

2. BRISKET.--The part of the body between the chest and the neck. Front part of chest.

Butterfly-nose.--A spotted nose.

Button-ear.--An ear which falls over in front, concealing the inside, as in Fox-Terriers.

Broken-up Face.--Refers more particularly to the face of the Bulldog or Toy Spaniel, and comprises the receding nose, or lay-back, deep stop, and wrinkle.

Burr.--The inside of the ears.

Breeching.--The tan-colored hairs on the back of the thighs of a Black-and-tan Terrier.

Beefy.--Big, beefy hind-quarters.

Cat-foot.--A short, round foot, with the knuckles high and well developed; like a cat's, short, round and compact.

3. CHEST.--The chest of a dog must not be confounded with the brisket; the breast or chest extends between the fore-legs from the brisket to the belly.

Cheeky.--When the cheek bumps are strongly defined; thick in cheek.

Chaps or Chops.--The pendulous lips of the Bulldog; the

foreface of a Bulldog.

Cobby.--Well ribbed up; short and compact.

Cloddy or Cobby.--Thick-set, short-coupled and low in stature.

Couplings.--The length or space between the tops of the shoulder-blades and tops of the hip-joints, or buckle-bones. A dog is accordingly spoken of as long or short "in the couplings."

Cow-hocked.--The hocks turning inward; hocks that turn in, like those of a cow.

Cushion.--Fulness in the top lips.

Crook-tail.--The crooked tail of a Bulldog.

Crank-tail.--Same as above.

Culotte.--The feather on the thighs, as in the Schipperke and Pomeranian.

Character.--The combination of points contributing to the whole make-up and giving to a dog that which is desired in his particular variety.

Corky.--Compact and active looking; springy and lively in action.

Dew-claws.--The extra claws found occasionally on the legs of all breeds, but especially of the St. Bernard; the superfluous claws inside the hind-leg just above the foot.

Dewlap.--Pendulous skin under the throat as in case of Blood-hound.

Dish-faced.--This term describes a dog whose nasal bone is higher at the nose than at the stop--a feature not infrequently seen in pointers.

Dudley-nose.--A flesh-colored nose.

Domed Skull.--Round skull.

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