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A History of the Growth of the Steam-Engine

In this interesting book Professor Rood


a new form of steam-engine is likely to be introduced, if at all, can be scarcely even conjectured. It seems evident that its success is to be secured, if a revolution is ever to occur, by the adoption of high steam-pressures, of great piston speeds, by care and skill in design, by the use of exceptionally excellent materials of construction, by great perfection of workmanship, and by intelligence in its management.

Experiment and experience will probably lead gradually to the general and safe employment of much higher steam-pressures and very greatly increased piston-speeds, and may ultimately reveal and remove all those difficulties which must invariably be expected to be met here, as in all other attempts to effect radical changes, however important they may be.


* * * * *

_Scientific Publications._

=THE HUMAN SPECIES.= By A. DE QUATREFAGES, Professor of Anthropology in the Museum of Natural History, Paris. 12mo, cloth, $2.00.

The work treats of the unity, origin, antiquity, and original localization of the human species, peopling of the globe, acclimatization, primitive man, formation of the human races, fossil human races, present human races, and the physical and psychological

characters of mankind.

=STUDENTS' TEXT-BOOK OF COLOR; or, MODERN CHROMATICS.= With Applications to Art and Industry. With 130 Original Illustrations, and Frontispiece in Colors. By OGDEN N. ROOD, Professor of Physics in Columbia College. 12mo, cloth, $2.00.

"In this interesting book Professor Rood, who, as a distinguished Professor of Physics in Columbia College, United States, must be accepted as a competent authority on the branch of science of which he treats, deals briefly and succinctly with what may be termed the scientific _rationale_ of his subject. But the chief value of his work is to be attributed to the fact that he is himself an accomplished artist as well as an authoritative expounder of science."--_Edinburgh Review, October, 1879, in an article on "The Philosophy of Color._"


"This work must be pronounced the most remarkable discussion of educational problems which has been published in our day. We do not hesitate to bespeak for it the widest circulation and the most earnest attention. It should be in the hands of every school-teacher and friend of education throughout the land."--_New York Sun._

=A HISTORY OF THE GROWTH OF THE STEAM-ENGINE.= By ROBERT H. THURSTON, A. M., C. E., Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N. J., etc. With 163 Illustrations, including 15 Portraits. 12mo, cloth, $2.50.

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