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The History of Don Quixote de la Mancha

The pleasant discourse between Don Quixote

XVII. Of the new and agreeable adventure that befell the Priest and the Barber, and of the beautiful Dorothea 96

XVIII. Which treats of the beautiful Dorothea's discretion; with other particulars 102

XIX. Of the ingenious method pursued to withdraw our enamoured Knight from the rigorous penance which he had imposed on himself 108

XX. The pleasant dialogue between Don Quixote and his Squire continued; with other adventures 115

XXI. What befell Don Quixote and his company at the inn 121

XXII. Of the dreadful battle betwixt Don Quixote and certain Wine-skins 125

XXIII. Containing an account of many surprising accidents in the inn 127

XXIV. The history of the famous Princess Micomicona continued; with other pleasant adventures 132

XXV. A continuation of Don Quixote's curious and excellent discourse upon arms and learning 137

justify;"> XXVI. Of occurrences at the inn; and of many other things worthy to be known 139

XXVII. The agreeable history of the young muleteer; with other strange accidents 141

XXVIII. A continuation of the extraordinary adventures that happened in the inn 145

XXIX. In which the dispute concerning Mambrino's helmet is decided; with other adventures that really and truly happened 148

XXX. The notable adventure of the Holy Brotherhood; with an account of the ferocity of our good Knight, Don Quixote 151

XXXI. Of the strange and wonderful manner in which Don Quixote de la Mancha was enchanted; with other remarkable occurrences 156

XXXII. Of the ingenious contest between Don Quixote and the Canon; with other incidents 161

XXXIII. The Goatherd's narrative 164

XXXIV. Of the quarrel between Don Quixote and the Goatherd, with the rare adventure of the Disciplinants 167

XXXV. What passed between the Curate, the Barber, and Don Quixote, concerning his indisposition 172

XXXVI. Of the memorable quarrel between Sancho Panza and Don Quixote's Niece and Housekeeper; with other pleasant passages 178

XXXVII. The pleasant discourse between Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, and the bachelor Samson Carrasco 181

XXXVIII. The discourse continued; also the wise and pleasant dialogue between Sancho Panza and Teresa Panza his wife; together with other passages worthy of happy memory 185

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