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A History of Literary Criticism in the Renaissance


Minor spelling inconsistencies have been silently corrected. Apart from a few corrections listed at the end of the book, original spelling was retained. Footnotes were sequentially numbered and placed at the end of each chapter.

p. 300: in the words carpenter, majesty and merchaundise letters [e macron] and [u with breve] are encoded as plain [e and u] respectively. p. 303: in the words mournfully, mournfuly, royalty letters [u with breve], [u, a macron] are encoded as plain [u and a] respectively. p. 304: in the words Trumpington, love-sik and dangerus letters [i macron] and [i, u with breve] are encoded as plain [i and u] respectively. p. 321-322: superscripts are preceded by the [^] sign and enclosed in braces if more than one letter is in superscript. p. 354: in the word Pusan letters [u macron] and [s with cedilla] are encoded as plain [u and s] respectively. Ligature [oe] is encoded as oe.

Mark up: _italics_ =bold= *font change*

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|===============================================================| |*Columbia University* | | | |STUDIES IN LITERATURE | | | | | | | |=A HISTORY OF LITERARY CRITICISM IN | | THE RENAISSANCE=: With Special Reference | | to the Influence of Italy in the Formation and | | Development of Modern Classicism. By JOEL | | ELIAS SPINGARN. | | | | | |_In Press:_ | | | | | |=ROMANCES OF ROGUERY=: An Episode in the | | Development of the Modern Novel, Part I. | | The Picaresque Novel in Spain. By FRANK | | WADLEIGH CHANDLER. | | | |=SPANISH LITERATURE IN ENGLAND UNDER | | THE TUDORS=. By JOHN GARRETT | | UNDERHILL. | | | | | | * * * * * | | | |***_Other numbers of this series will be issued from | |time to time, containing the results of literary research, | |or criticism by the students or officers of | |Columbia University, or others associated with them | |in study, under the authorization of the Department | |of Literature_, GEORGE EDWARD WOODBERRY _and_ | |BRANDER MATTHEWS, _Professors_. | |===============================================================|

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