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A Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life

35 as believing Jesus to be the Messiah

[Footnote 1: Many ancient authorities read _that I the Son of man am_. See Mark 8:27; Luke 9:18.]

[Footnote 2: Gr. _Petros_.]

[Footnote 3: Gr. _petra_.]

[Footnote a: Some understand ver. 16f. as showing that they had never before believed him to be the Messiah, and so hold that the other Gospels here utterly conflict with John, who represents the first disciples (Sects. 28, 35) as believing Jesus to be the Messiah. But it is easy to suppose that their early faith in his Messiahship was shaken by his continued failure to gather armies and set up the expected temporal kingdom, and while still believing him to have a divine mission they had questioned whether he was the Messiah, as John the Baptist did in prison (Sect. 57). Observe that in Matthew and Luke he long before this time distinctively _implied_ that he was the Messiah, in response to the Forerunner's inquiries (Sect. 57). Besides, at the Baptism and the Temptation, the Synoptic Gospels represent Jesus as the Son of God.]

[Footnote b: It is interesting to note that the imagery employed by Jesus here all appears in Ps. 89, a Messianic Psalm built on 2 Sam. 7. Thus note "build" in Ps. 89:4, "rock" in 89:26, "anointed" in 89:38, "the power of Sheol" in 89:48, and the Psalm discusses the perpetuity of the Davidic throne (Kingdom). Jesus applies this imagery to the spiritual

Kingdom that He is building.]


Mark 8:31-37 |Matt. 16:21-26 |Luke 9:22-25 | | |21 From that time | 31 And he began to | began [1]Jesus to | teach them, that the| shew unto his | Son of man must | disciples, how that |22 saying, The Son of suffer many things, | he must go unto | man must suffer and be rejected by | Jerusalem, and | many things, and the elders, and the | suffer many things | be rejected of the chief priests, and | of the elders and | elders and chief the scribes, and be | chief priests and | priests and killed, and after | scribes, and be | scribes, and be three days rise | killed, and the | killed, and the 32 again. And he spake | third day be raised | third day be the saying openly. | up. | raised up. And Peter took him, |22 And Peter took | and began to rebuke | him, and began to | 33 him. But he turning | rebuke him, saying, | about, and seeing | [2]Be it far from | his disciples, | thee, Lord: this | rebuked Peter, and | shall never be unto | saith, Get thee |23 thee. But he turned,| behind me, Satan: | and said unto Peter,| for thou

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