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A Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life

Jesus seeing him disciples


things, he had great

| away sorrowful: for | became exceeding possessions. | he was one that had | sorrowful; for he 23 And Jesus looked | great possessions. | was very rich. round about, and |23 And Jesus said |24 And saith unto his | unto his disciples, | Jesus seeing him disciples, How | Verily I say unto | said, How hardly hardly shall they | you, It is hard for | shall they that that have riches | a rich man to enter | have riches enter enter into the | into the kingdom of | into the kingdom 24 kingdom of God! And | heaven. | of God! the disciples were | | amazed at his words.| | But Jesus answereth | | again, and saith | | unto them, Children,| | how hard is it | | [9]for them that | | trust in riches to | | enter into the |24 And again I | 25 kingdom of God! It | say unto you, It is |25 For it is is easier for a | easier for a camel | easier for a camel camel to go through | to go through a | to enter in a needle's eye, than| needle's eye, than | through a needle's for a rich man to | for a rich man to | eye, than for a enter into
the | enter into the | rich man to enter 26 kingdom of God. And |25 kingdom of God. And | into the kingdom they were astonished| when the disciples | of God. exceedingly, saying | heard it, they were | [10]unto him, Then | astonished |26 And they who can be saved? | exceedingly, saying,| that heard it 27 Jesus looking upon | Who then can be | said, Then who can them saith, With men|26 saved? And Jesus | be saved? it is impossible, | looking upon _them_ | but not with God: | said to them, With |27 But he for all things are | men this is | said, The things possible with God | impossible; but with| that are [_see Gen. 18:24; | God all things are | impossible with 28 Job, 42:2_]. Peter |27 possible. Then | men are possible began to say unto | answered Peter and |28 with God. And him, Lo, we have | said unto him, Lo, | Peter said, Lo, we left all, and | we have left all, | have left [12]our followed thee. | and followed thee; | own, and followed | what then shall we | thee. 29 Jesus |28 have? And Jesus said|29 And he said said, Verily I say | unto them, Verily I | unto them, Verily unto you, | say unto you, that | I say unto you, | ye which have | | followed me, in the | | regeneration when | | the Son of man shall| | sit on the throne of| | his glory, ye also | There is | shall sit upon | no man that hath | twelve thrones, | left house, or |

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