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A Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life

Except the trial and the crucifixion

[Footnote 9: Or, _bound_ by his oath.]

[Footnote 10: Or, _dill_.]

[Footnote 11: Some ancient authorities omit _desolate_.]

[Footnote 12: Or, _even while for a pretence they make_.]

[Footnote a: Jesus has been criticized for lack of self-control in this exposure of the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. One must bear in mind the tremendous sins of which the Pharisees are guilty. The very teachers of righteousness are now in the act of rejecting and finally crucifying the Son of God. See my book, _The Pharisees and Jesus_, for full discussion.]



Mark 12:41-44 |Luke 21:1-4 | 41 And he sat down over against | the treasury, and beheld how | the multitude cast [1]money | 1 And he looked up, [3]and saw into the treasury: and many | the rich men that were casting that were rich cast in much. | their gifts into the treasury. 42 And there came [2]a poor widow,| 2 And he saw a certain poor widow and she cast in two mites, | casting in thither two mites. 43 which make a farthing.

And he | called unto him his disciples, | and said unto them, Verily I | 3 And he said, Of a truth I say say unto you, This poor widow | unto you, This poor widow cast cast in more than all they | 4 in more than they all: for all which are casting into the | these did of their superfluity 44 treasury: for they all did cast| cast in unto the gifts: but she in of their superfluity; but | of her want did cast in all the she of her want did cast in all| living that she had. that she had, _even_ all her | living. |

[Footnote 1: Gr. _brass_.]

[Footnote 2: Gr. _one_.]

[Footnote 3: Or, _and saw them that ... treasury, and they were rich._]

[Footnote a: Notice that this was the last occurrence in the Saviour's public ministry, except the trial and the crucifixion. This is the last appearance of Jesus in the Temple. His public teaching is over save the words of defence in his trial and the seven sayings on the Cross. The Pharisees and Sadducees had withdrawn in terror at the explosion of the wrath of Jesus and even the disciples were at some distance as Jesus sat alone by the treasury. It is useless further to plead with his enemies. The task now remains to get the disciples prepared for the Master's death and the time is short and they as yet have completely failed to grasp the fact or the significance of his death and the promise of his resurrection on the third day.]



_Tuesday afternoon to Thursday night of Passion Week, A.D. 30 (or 29). Jerusalem._

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