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A Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life

Answering said saith unto them

[Footnote 1: Gr. _Child_.]

[Footnote 2: Many ancient authorities read _seeing_.]

[Footnote 3: Or, _authority_.]

[Footnote 4: Or, _at home_.]

[Footnote 5: Many ancient authorities read _bring him unto him_.]

[Footnote 6: Gr. _that he should heal_. Many ancient authorities read _that_ he _should heal them_.]

[Footnote 7: Or, _Why_.]

[Footnote a: Note the parenthetic explanation of the writers in the middle of the saying of Jesus. It is proof that each of the Gospels had the same written source here or rather, as we know otherwise, that Matthew and Luke had Mark before them.]



Mark 2:13-17 |Matt. 9:9-13 |Luke 5:27-32 | | 13 And he went forth | |27 And after these again by the sea | | things he went side; and all the | | forth, and beheld multitude resorted | | a publican, named unto him, and

he | | Levi, sitting at 14 taught them. And as | 9 And as Jesus | the place of toll, he passed by, he saw| passed by from | and said unto him, Levi the _son_ of | thence, he saw a | Follow me. Alphaeus sitting at | man, called Matthew,| the place of toll, | sitting at the place| and he saith unto | of toll: and he | him, Follow me. And | saith unto him, |28 And he he arose and | Follow me. And he | forsook all, and followed him. | arose, and followed | rose up and | him. | followed him. 15 And it |10 And it came to |29 And came to pass, that | pass, as he [1]sat | Levi made him a he was sitting at | at meat in the | great feast in his meat in his house, | house, behold, many | house: and there and many | publicans and | was a great [4]publicans and | sinners came and sat| multitude of sinners sat down | down with Jesus and | publicans and of with Jesus and his | his disciples. | others that were disciples: for there| | sitting at meat were many, and they | | with them. 16 followed him. And |11 And |30 And the scribes [5]of | when the Pharisees | [8]the Pharisees the Pharisees, when | saw it, they said | and their scribes they saw that he was| unto his disciples, | murmured against eating with the | Why eateth your | his disciples, sinners and | [2]Master with the | saying, Why do ye publicans, said unto| publicans and | eat and drink with his disciples, [6]He| sinners? | the publicans and eateth [7]and | | sinners? drinketh with | | publicans and | | 17 sinners. And when |12 But when he |31 And Jesus Jesus heard it, he | heard it, he said, | answering said saith unto them, | They that are | unto them, They They that are | [3]whole have no | that are [3]whole [3]whole have no | need of a physician,| have no need of a need of a physician,| but they that are | physician; but but they that are |13 sick. But go ye and | they that are sick: I came not to | learn what _this_ |32 sick. I am not call the righteous, | meaneth,[a] I desire| come to call the but sinners. | mercy, and not | righteous but | sacrifice: for I | sinners to | came not to call the| repentance. | righteous, but | | sinners. |

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