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A Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life

Stretch forth said unto him

| a withered hand.

| taught: and there | | was a man there, 2 And they watched | And | and his right hand him, whether he | they asked him, | 7 was withered. And would heal him on | saying, Is it lawful| the scribes and the sabbath day; | to heal on the | the Pharisees that they might | sabbath day? that | watched him, accuse him. | they might accuse | whether he would 3 And he |11 him. And he said | heal on the saith unto the man | unto them, What man | sabbath; that they that had his hand | shall there be of | might find how to withered, [1]Stand | you, that shall have| 8 accuse him. But he 4 forth. And he saith | one sheep, and if | knew their unto them, Is it | this fall into a pit| thoughts; and he lawful on the | on the sabbath day, | said to the man sabbath day to do | will he not lay hold| that had his hand good, or to do harm?| on it, and lift it | withered, Rise up, to save a life, or |12 out? How much then | and stand forth in to kill? But they | is a man of more | the midst. And he held their peace. | value than a sheep! | arose and stood 5 And when he had | Wherefore it is | 9 forth. And Jesus looked round about | lawful to do good on| said unto them, I on them
with anger, | the sabbath day. | ask you, Is it being grieved at the| | lawful on the hardening of their | | sabbath to do heart, he saith | | good, or to do unto the man, | | harm? to save a | | life, or to | |10 destroy it? And he | | looked round about |13 Then saith he to the| on them all, and Stretch forth thy | man, Stretch forth | said unto him, hand. And he | thy hand. And he | Stretch forth thy stretched it forth: | stretched it forth; | hand. And he did and his hand was | and it was restored | _so_: and his hand 6 restored. And the | whole, as the other.|11 was restored. But Pharisees went out, |14 But the Pharisees | they were filled and straightway with| went out, and took | with [2]madness; the Herodians took | counsel against him,| and communed one counsel against him,| how they might | with another what how they might | destroy him. | they might do to destroy him.[b] | | Jesus.

[Footnote 1: Gr. _Arise into the midst_.]

[Footnote 2: Or, _foolishness_.]

[Footnote a: On three other later occasions controversies arise with the Pharisees concerning Sabbath observance (John 9:1-34; Luke 13:10-21; 14:1-24). In John 7:20-24 Jesus refers to the miracle in John 5 and adds another argument (circumcision on the Sabbath) for his conduct on the Sabbath.]

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