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A Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life

A gluttonous and a winebibber

the baptism of John. But the

| Pharisees and the lawyers | rejected for themselves the | counsel of God, [13]being not |31 baptized of him. Whereunto then 16 But whereunto shall I liken | shall I liken the men of this this generation? It is like[c] | generation, and to what are unto children sitting in the |32 they like? They are like unto marketplaces, which call unto | children that sit in the 17 their fellows, and say, We | marketplace, and call one to piped unto you, and ye did not | another; which say, We piped dance; we wailed, and ye did | unto you, and ye did not dance; 18 not [6]mourn. | we wailed, and ye did not weep. For John came |33 For John the Baptist is come neither eating nor drinking, | eating no bread nor drinking and they say, He hath a | wine; and ye say, He hath a 19 [7]devil. The Son of man came |34 [7]devil. The Son of man is eating and drinking, and they | come eating and drinking; and say, Behold, a gluttonous man, | ye say, Behold, a gluttonous and a winebibber, a friend of | man, and a winebibber, a friend publicans and sinners! And |35 of publicans and sinners! And wisdom [8]is justified by her | wisdom [8]is justified of all [9]works. | her children.

style="text-align: justify;"> [Footnote 1: Or, _the gospel_.]

[Footnote 2: Many ancient authorities read _But what went ye out to see? a prophet?_]

[Footnote 3: Gr. _lesser_.]

[Footnote 4: Or, him.]

[Footnote 5: Some ancient authorities omit _to hear_.]

[Footnote 6: Gr. _beat the breast_.]

[Footnote 7: Gr. _demon_.]

[Footnote 8: Or, _was_.]

[Footnote 9: Many ancient authorities read _children_: as in Luke 7:35.]

[Footnote 10: Gr. _certain two_.]

[Footnote 11: Gr. _scourges_.]

[Footnote 12: Or, _having been_.]

[Footnote 13: Or, _not having been_.]

[Footnote a: Observe that his fame as having raised the dead, and as being "a great prophet," spread widely, and reaching John, led to his message of inquiry (connect Luke 7:17 and 18).]

[Footnote b: John's prison was at Machaerus, east of the Dead Sea. Jesus was somewhere in Galilee, probably near Nain, which was in the southern part of Galilee.]

[Footnote c: Parable of the Children Playing in the Market Place.]



Matt. 11:20-30

20 Then began he to upbraid the cities wherein most of his [1]mighty 21 works

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