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A Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life

The child they laughed him to 53 sleepeth

| Thy

daughter is the [6]Master any | | dead; trouble not 36 further? But Jesus, | |50 the [6]Master. But [7]not heeding the | | Jesus hearing it, word spoken, saith | | answered him, Fear unto the ruler of | | not: only believe, the synagogue, Fear | | and she shall be not, only believe. | |51 [2]made whole. And 37 And he suffered no | | when he came to man to follow with | | the house, he him, save Peter, and| | suffered not any James, and John the | | man to enter in brother of James. | | with him, save 38 And they come to the|24 And when | Peter, and John, house of the ruler | Jesus came into the | and James, and the of the synagogue; | ruler's house, and | father of the and he beholdeth a | saw the | maiden and her tumult, and _many_ | flute-players, and |52 mother. And all weeping and wailing | the crowd making a | were weeping, and 39 greatly. And when he|25 tumult, he said, | bewailing her: but was entered in, he | Give place: for the | he said, Weep not; saith unto them, Why| damsel is not dead, | for she is not make ye a tumult,
| but sleepeth. And | dead, but and weep? the child | they laughed him to |53 sleepeth. And they is not dead, but | scorn. But when the | laughed him to 40 sleepeth. And they | | scorn, knowing laughed him to | | that she was dead. scorn. But he, |26 But when the | having put them all | crowd was put forth,| forth, taketh the | | father of the child | | and her mother and | | them that were with | | him, and goeth in | | where the child was.| he entered in, and | 41 And taking the child| took her by the |54 But he, taking her by the hand, he | hand; | by the hand, saith unto her, | | Talitha cumi; which | | is, being | | called, saying, interpreted, Damsel,| |55 Maiden, arise. And I say unto thee, | | her spirit 42 Arise. And | | returned, and she straightway the | and the damsel| rose up damsel rose up, and | arose. | immediately: and walked; for she was | | twelve years old. | | And they were amazed| | straightway with a | | he commanded that 43 great amazement. And|27 And [4]the | _something_ be he charged them much| fame hereof went | given her to eat. that no man should | forth into all that |56 And her parents know this: and he | land. | were amazed: but he commanded that | | charged them to _something_ should | | tell no man what be given her to eat.| | had been done.

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