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A History of Germany by Bayard Taylor

Arnulf defeats the Norsemen in Belgium

590--604. Spread of Christianity under Pope Gregory the Great.

590--597. Wars of Fredegunde and Brunhilde.

613. Murder of Brunhilde.

613--622. Clotar II., King of the Franks.

650. Pippin of Landen, steward to the royal household.

687. Pippin of Heristall.

711. The Saracens conquer Spain from the Visigoths.

732. Karl Martel defeats the Saracens at Tours.

741. Death of Karl Martel; Pippin the Short.

745. Winfried (Bonifacius), Archbishop of Mayence.

752. Pippin the Short becomes King of the Franks.

754. Pippin founds the temporal power of the Popes.

755. Bonifacius slain in Friesland.

768. Death of Pippin; his sons, Karl and Karloman.

SECOND PERIOD. (768--1254.)

=The Carolingian Dynasty.=

771. Karl (Charlemagne) sole ruler.

772--803. His wars with the Saxons.

justify;"> 774--775. March to Italy; overthrow of the Lombard kingdom.

777--778. Charlemagne's invasion of Spain.

788. Tassilo, Duke of Bavaria, deposed.

789. War with the Wends, east of the Elbe.

791. War with the Avars, in Hungary.

800. Charlemagne crowned Emperor in Rome.

814. Death of Charlemagne.

814--840. Ludwig the Pious.

843. Partition of Verdun.

843--876. Ludwig the German.

879. The kingdom of Arelat (Lower Burgundy) founded.

884--887. Karl the Fat unites France and Germany.

887--899. Arnulf of Carinthia.

891. Arnulf defeats the Norsemen in Belgium.

900--911. Ludwig the Child.

911--918. Konrad I., the Frank, King of Germany.

911--918. Wars with the Hungarians.

=The Saxon Emperors.=

919--936. King Henry I., of Saxony (the Fowler).

928. Victory over the Wends.

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