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A History of Germany by Bayard Taylor

Otto subjects the German Dukes

933. Great victory over the Hungarians, near Merseburg.

933. Upper and Lower Burgundy united as one kingdom.

936--973. Otto I., the Great.

939. Otto subjects the German Dukes.

952. Rebellion against his rule.

955. The Hungarians defeated on the Lech.

962. Otto renews the empire of Charlemagne.

973--983. Otto II.

982. His defeat by the Saracens.

983--1002. Otto III.; decline of the imperial power.

1002--1024. Henry II.; increasing power of the bishops.

1016. The Normans settle in Southern Italy.

=The Frank Emperors.=

1024--1039. Konrad II., Emperor.

1026. His visit to Rome; friendship with Canute the Great.

1033. Burgundy attached to the German Empire.

1039--1056. Henry III.; Poland, Bohemia, and Hungary, subject to the empire.

1046. Synod of Sutri; Henry III. removes three Popes.

style="text-align: justify;"> 1046. The "Congregation of Cluny;" the "Peace of God."

1054. Pope Leo IX. captured by the Normans.

1056--1106. Henry IV.

1062. Henry IV.'s abduction by Bishop Hanno.

1073. Revolt of the Saxons.

1073. Hildebrand becomes Pope as Gregory VII.

1076. Henry IV. deposes the Pope, and is excommunicated.

1077. Henry IV.'s humiliation at Canossa.

1081. Death of the Anti-King, Rudolf of Suabia.

1084. Henry IV. in Rome; ravages of the Normans.

1085. Death of Pope Gregory VII.

1092. Revolt of Konrad, son of Henry IV.

1095. The first Crusade.

1099. Jerusalem taken by Godfrey of Bouillon.

1105. Rebellion of Henry, son of Henry IV.

1106--1125. Henry V.

1111. He imprisons Pope Paschalis II.

1113. Defeat of the Saxons.

1115. He is defeated by the Saxons.

1118. Orders of knighthood founded.

1122. The Concordat of Worms.

1125. Rise of the Hohenstaufens.

1125--1137. Lothar of Saxony, Emperor.

1134. The North-mark given to Albert the Bear.

1138. Henry the Proud, Duke of Bavaria and Saxony.

=The Hohenstaufen Emperors.=

1138--1152. King Konrad III.; Guelphs and Ghibellines.

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