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A History of Germany by Bayard Taylor

Capture of John Frederick of Saxony

1532. Religious Peace of Nuremberg.

1532--1554. John Frederick, Elector of Saxony.

1534. Duke Ulric of Wuertemberg joins the Protestants.

1536--1538. Charles V.'s third war with Francis I.

1540. Ignatius Loyola founds the Order of Jesuits.

1542--1544. Charles V.'s fourth war with Francis I.

1545--1563. The Council of Trent.

1546. Death of Luther; the Schmalkalden War; treachery of Maurice of Saxony.

1547. Battle of Muehlberg; capture of John Frederick of Saxony; Philip of Hesse imprisoned.

1548. The Augsburg "Interim."

1552. Maurice of Saxony marches against Charles V.; Henry II. of France takes Toul, Metz, and Verdun.

1553. Death of Maurice of Saxony.

1555. The religious Peace of Augsburg.

1556. Abdication of Charles V.

1556--1564. Ferdinand I.

1558. Death of Charles V.

1560. Death of Melanchthon.

1564--1579. Maximilian II.

1567. Grumbach's rebellion.

1576--1612. Rudolf II.

1581. Rise of the Netherlands against Spain.

1606. Rudolf II.'s brother, Matthias, rules in Austria.

1608. The "Protestant Union" founded.

1609. The "Catholic League" founded; "War of the Succession of Cleves."

1612--1619. Matthias, Emperor.

1614. End of the "War of the Succession of Cleves."

=The Thirty Years' War.=

1618. Outbreak in Prague.

1619--1637. Ferdinand II.; Frederick V. of the Palatinate chosen King of Bohemia.

1620. Battle near Prague; flight of Frederick V.

1622. Victories of Tilly in Baden.

1623. Tilly defeats Prince Christian of Brunswick.

1624. Union of the northern states.

1625. Christian IV. of Denmark appointed commander; Wallenstein enters the field.

1626. Defeat of Mansfeld by Wallenstein: defeat of Christian IV. by Tilly.

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