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A History of Germany by Bayard Taylor

East Friesland annexed to Prussia

1705--1711. Joseph I.

1706. Victories of Marlborough at Ramillies and Prince Eugene at Turin.

1706. Charles XII. of Sweden in Saxony.

1708. Battle of Oudenarde.

1709. Battle of Malplaquet.

1711--1740. Karl VI.

1713--1740. Frederick William I., King of Prussia.

1713. The Peace of Utrecht.

1714. The Peace of Rastatt; the Elector George of Hannover becomes King George I. of England.

1717. Taking of Belgrade by Prince Eugene.

1718. Treaty of Passarowitz.

1720. Treaty of Stockholm; Prussia acquires Pomerania.

1733--1735. War of the Polish Succession.

1740. Death of Karl VI.

=The Age of Frederick the Great.=

1712. Frederick born, in Berlin.

1730. His attempted flight; execution of Katte.

1740. Succeeds to the throne as Frederick II. of Prussia.

justify;"> 1740--1742. First Silesian War.

1741--1748. War of the Austrian Succession.

1742--1745. Karl VII. (of Bavaria), Emperor.

1742. Peace of Breslau; Prussia gains Silesia.

1743. Battle of Dettingen.

1744. East Friesland annexed to Prussia.

1744--1745. Second Silesian War.

1745. Battles of Hohenfriedberg, Sorr, and Kesselsdorf; Peace of Dresden; death of Karl VII.

1745--1765. Francis I. of Lorraine.

1748. Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle.

1750. Voltaire comes to Berlin.

1756--1763. The Seven Years' War.

1756. Frederick's successes in Saxony and Bohemia.

1757. Frederick's victory at Prague; defeat at Kollin; victories at Rossbach and Leuthen.

1758. Ferdinand of Brunswick defeats the French; siege of Olmuetz; victory of Zorndorf; surprise of Hochkirch.

1759. Battles of Minden and Kunnersdorf; misfortunes of Prussia.

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