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A History of Germany by Bayard Taylor

France declares war against Austria and Prussia

1760. Battle of Liegnitz; taking of Berlin; victory of Torgau.

1761. Frederick hard pressed; losses of Prussia.

1762. Death of Elizabeth of Russia; alliance with Czar Peter III.; Catharine II.; Prussian successes.

1763. The Peace of Hubertsburg.

1765--1790. Joseph II.

1769. Interview of Frederick the Great and Joseph II.

1772. First partition of Poland.

1774--1782. American War of Independence.

1778. Troubles with the Bavarian succession.

1780. Death of Maria Theresa.

1786. Death of Frederick the Great.

1786--1797. Frederick William II., King of Prussia.

1787. Prussia interferes in Holland.

1788--1791. Austria joins Russia against Turkey.

1790. Death of Joseph II.

=Wars with the French Republic and Napoleon.=

1789. Beginning of the French Revolution.

1790--1792. Leopold II.

style="text-align: justify;"> 1792. France declares war against Austria and Prussia.

1792. Campaign in France; battles of Valmy and Jemappes.

1792--1835. Francis II.

1793. Second partition of Poland; the first Coalition; successes of the Allies.

1794. France victorious in Belgium; Prussia victorious on the Upper Rhine.

1795. Third and last partition of Poland; Prussia makes peace with France.

1796. Bonaparte in Italy; Jourdan defeated in Germany; Moreau's retreat.

1797. Peace of Campo Formio.

1797--1840. Frederick William III., King of Prussia.

1798. Congress of Rastatt; Bonaparte in Egypt.

1799. The second Coalition; Suwarrow in Italy; Bonaparte First Consul.

1800. Battles of Marengo and Hohenlinden.

1801. Peace of Luneville; France extends to the Rhine.

1803. Reconstruction of Germany; French invasion of Hannover.

1804. Duke d'Enghien shot; Napoleon, Emperor.

1805. The third Coalition; battle of Austerlitz; defeat of Austria and Russia; Peace of Presburg.

1806. The "Rhine-Bund" established; Francis II. gives up the imperial crown: battle of Jena; all Prussia in the hands of Napoleon.

1807. Battles of Eylau and Friedland; Peace of Tilsit; Jerome Bonaparte made King of Westphalia.

1808. Napoleon and Alexander I. in Erfurt; Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain.

1809. Austria begins war with France; revolts of Hofer and Schill; Napoleon marches to Vienna; battles of Aspern and Wagram; Peace of Schoenbrunn.

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