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A History of Germany by Bayard Taylor

Conference at London concerning Schleswig Holstein

1810. Marriage of Napoleon and Maria Louisa; annexation of Holland and Northern Germany to France.

1812. Germany compelled to unite with Napoleon against Russia; battle of Borodino; burning of Moscow; the retreat; General York's alliance with Russia.

1813. The War of Liberation; Frederick William III. yields to the pressure; the army of volunteers; battles of Luetzen and Bautzen; armistice; the fifth Coalition; Austria joins the Allies; victories of the Katzbach, Kulm, and Dennewitz; great battle of Leipzig; Napoleon's retreat; battle of Hanan; Germany liberated.

1814. The campaign in France; the Allies enter Paris; Napoleon's abdication; the Congress of Vienna.

1815. Napoleon's return from Elba; the new German Confederation; battles of Ligny and Waterloo; end of Napoleon's rule; second Peace of Paris; the "Holy Alliance."

=Germany in the Nineteenth Century.=

1817. The Students' Convention at the Wartburg.

1819. The conference at Carlsbad.

1823. A "provincial" representation in Prussia.

style="text-align: justify;"> 1830. The July Revolution in France; outbreaks in Germany.

1834. The Zollverein established.

1835--1848. Ferdinand I., Emperor of Austria.

1840--1861. Frederick William IV., King of Prussia.

1848. Revolution in Germany; conflicts in Austria, Prussia, and Baden; war in Schleswig-Holstein; the National Parliament at Frankfort; insurrection in Hungary and Italy; bombardment of Vienna; Francis Joseph, Emperor.

1849. Frederick William IV. rejects the imperial crown; civil war in Baden; Austria calls upon Russia for help; surrender of Goergey; subjection of Italy.

1850. Troubles in Hesse and Holstein; end of the National Parliament in Germany.

1851. Restoration of the Diet; Louis Napoleon, Emperor.

1852. Conference at London concerning Schleswig-Holstein.

1853--1856. War of England and France against Russia.

1858. William, Prince of Prussia, regent.

1859. War of France and Sardinia against Austria; battles of Magenta and Solferino.

1861. William I., King of Prussia.

1862. Bismarck, Prime-Minister; political troubles in Prussia; congress of princes at Frankfort.

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