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A History of Germany by Bayard Taylor

At a Diet held at Forchheim near Nuremberg



Arnulf returned to Germany as Emperor, but weak and broken in body and mind. He never recovered from the effects of the poison, but lingered for three years longer, seeing his Empire becoming more and more weak and disorderly. He died in 899, leaving one son, Ludwig, only seven years old. This son, known in history as "Ludwig the Child," was the last of the Carolingian line in Germany. In France, the same line, now represented by Charles the Silly, was also approaching its end.

At a Diet held at Forchheim (near Nuremberg), Ludwig the Child was accepted as king of Germany, and solemnly crowned. On account of his tender years, he was placed in charge of Archbishop Hatto of Mayence, who was appointed, with Duke Otto of Saxony, to govern temporarily in his stead. An insurrection in Lorraine was suppressed; but now a more formidable danger approached from the East. The Hungarians invaded Northern Italy in 899, and ravaged part of Bavaria on their return to the Danube. Like the Huns, they destroyed everything in their way, leaving a wilderness behind their march.

The Bavarians, with little assistance from the rest of Germany, fought the Hungarians until 907, when their Duke, Luitpold, was slain in battle, and his son Arnulf purchased peace by a heavy tribute. Then the Hungarians invaded Thuringia, whose Duke, Burkhard, also fell fighting against them, after

which they plundered a part of Saxony. Finally, in 910, the whole strength of Germany was called into the field; Ludwig, eighteen years old, took command, met the Hungarians on the banks of the Inn, and was utterly defeated. He fled from the field, and was forced, thenceforth, to pay tribute to Hungary. He died in 911, and Germany was left without a hereditary ruler.




Growth of Small Principalities in Germany. --Changes in the Lehen, or Royal Estates. --Diet at Forchheim. --The Frank Duke, Konrad, chosen King. --Events of his Reign. --The Saxon, Henry the Fowler, succeeds him. --Henry's Policy towards Bavaria, Lorraine and France. --His Truce with the Hungarians. --His Military Preparations. --Defeat of the Hungarians. --Henry's Achievements. --His Death. --Coronation of Otto. --His first War. --Revolt of Duke Eberhard and Prince Henry. --War with Louis IV. of France. --Otto's Victories. --Henry pardoned. --Conquest of Jutland. --Otto's Empire. --His March to Italy. --Marriage with Adelheid of Burgundy. --Revolt of Ludolf and Konrad. --The Hungarian Army destroyed. --The Pope calls for Otto's Aid. --Otto crowned Roman Emperor. --Quarrel with the Pope. --Third Visit to Italy. --His Son married to an Eastern Princess. --His Triumph and Death.

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