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A History of Horncastle by James Conway Walter

Fenestram fieri fecit Ano Dni 1526

(3) Argent, a sword erect, azure, hilt and pomel gules.

(4) Dymoke impaling quarterly, gules and argent, a cross engrailed. Countercharged, Haydon, a crescent for difference.

{42a} The only other theft from the church of which we have record, was when the vestry was broken into in December, 1812, and the money collected for parish purposes was stolen. A reward of 50 pounds was offered for information of the thief, but without result. (MS. notes by Mr. T. Overton in possession of Mr. John Overton, of Horncastle.)

{42b} Details of these are given by Holles as follows:--

_In fenestra Insulae Borealis_.

"Orate pro a'ia Thomae Coppuldike Armig. & D'nae Margaretae Consortis suae fundatoris Gildae Cantar . . . Fenestram fieri fecit Ano Dni 1526."

_In superiori fenestra Borealis Cancelli_.

'Gules a lion passant guardant. Arg. . . .

Sable, 3 flowres de lize betw: 6 crosses botony fitchy Arg. . . .

Gules, a cross sarcelly Arg." . . . Bec.

_In fenestra Orientali Insulae Australis_.

"Orate pro benefactoribus artis sutorum, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt stae Ninianae cum cera et catena. Item sti Crispinus et Crispianus cum instrumentis calceariis." (N.B. The feminine is an error of Holles, as St. Ninian was a man. Collier's _History_, vol. i. p. 100).

_Fenestra Borealis superior_.

Empaled: Sa, 2 lions passant arg. crowned or. Dymoke

Empaled: Or, a lion rampant double queue sa. Welles

Empaled: Quarterly: Arg. a chevron betw: 3 bulls passant sa. Tourney

Empaled: Quarterly: B. a fesse betw: 3 goats' heads erased arg.

Empaled: Quarterly: Arg. a chevron gobony sa.

Empaled: Quarterly: Arg. on a bend g. 3 roses arg.

Quarterly: Arg. chevron betw: 3 griphons' heads erased, g. Tilney

Quarterly: Arg. 3 bars g. over all a bend engrailed, sa. Ros

Quarterly: Quarterly or and g. a border sa bezanty. Rockford

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