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A History of Horncastle by James Conway Walter

Was filled with good coloured glass by Heaton


the east window is a handsome carved Reredos of Caen stone, somewhat heavy in style, having five panels, two on each side containing figures of the four evangelists, the central subject being "The Agony in the Garden." In this the figure of the Saviour is exquisitely designed; below are the three sleeping disciples, while above are two ministering angels, one holding a crown of thorns, the other the "cup of bitterness." The panels have richly crocketed canopies, the central one being surmounted by a floriated cross. They are filled with diaper work, and the supporting pilasters are of various-coloured Irish marbles. The whole was designed by C. E. Giles, Esq., cousin of the late Vicar, Prebendary Robert Giles.

In the jamb, south of the Communion Table, is a Piscina; in the north wall a square aumbrey and a curious iron-barred opening, which was probably a Hagioscope for the Chantry behind. The present Vestry in the north-east corner is modern, built on the site where there was formerly a coalhouse, and, at a later date, a shed for the town fire-engine.

The Chancel has an arcade of three bays on the south side, filled with good 14th century carved oak screen work, separating it from the south-side chapel, said to have been anciently called "The Corpus Christi Chapel," and has two bays on the north, the easternmost being occupied by the organ, separating it from St. Catherine's Chantry; {36} the other having

similar screen work. In the south wall of the chancel are a Priest's door and three four-light Perpendicular windows, with a fourth in the east wall. Gervase Holles states that he saw in this south-east window figures of St. Ninian, with lock and chain, and of Saints Crispinus and Crispinianus with their shoe-making tools. {37a} It is probable, therefore, that the old glass of the window was supplied by a shoemaker's guild. The window is now filled with good coloured glass by Heaton, Butler & Bayne, dedicated to the memory of the late Vicar, Rev. Arthur Scrivenor, who died 27 August, 1882, aged 51 years. It is of peculiar design, the subjects being chosen to represent his life of self-denying labour. There are four lights with eight subjects taken from St. Matthew's Gospel, arranged in two tiers, as follows--(1) "Come ye blessed of my Father;" (2) "I was an hungred and ye gave me meat;" (3) "I was thirsty and ye gave me drink;" (4) "I was a stranger, and ye took me in;" (5) "Naked, and ye clothed me;" (6) "I was sick, and ye visited me;" (7) "I was in prison, and ye came unto me;" (8) "These shall go into life eternal." There are eight compartments in the upper tracery, containing the emblems of the four evangelists, and two angels, and the Alpha and Omega.

In the north chancel wall are a Priest's door, two five-light windows, and one of three lights, with, at the east end, a two-light window, all modern. Here, externally, the parapet of St. Catherine's Chantry is embattled and enriched with panel work, and rises above the level of the rest of the wall. The clerestory of the chancel has six three-light windows on the south side, and five on the north. The easternmost on the north was inserted and made larger than the others in 1861, and, at a later date, was filled with good coloured glass by Heaton, Butler & Bayne, as a public memorial "To the glory of God, and in memory of Barnard James Boulton, M.D., who died March 15 1875." He was an active member of the restoration committee in 1861. The subjects are, in the western light, "The cleansing of the leper" in the centre, "Letting down the paralytic through the roof," in the eastern light, "The healing of blind Bartimaeus."

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