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A History of Horncastle by James Conway Walter

Note on ancient coins found at horncastle

style="text-align: justify;">PART II--THE DIMLY HISTORIC PERIOD.

The headquarters of the Roman forces in our own part of Britain were at York, where more than one Roman Emperor lived and died, but Lindum, now Lincoln, was an important station. About A.D. 71 Petillius Cerealis was appointed governor of the province by the Emperor Vespasian, he was succeeded by Julius Frontinus, both being able generals. From A.D. 78 to 85 that admirable soldier and administrator, Julius Agricola, over-ran the whole of the north as far as the Grampians, establishing forts in all directions, and doubtless during these and the immediately succeeding years, a network of such stations would be constructed in our own country, connected by those splendid highways which the Romans carried, by the forced labour of the natives, through the length and breadth of their vast empire.

Coins of nearly all the Roman Emperors have been found at Horncastle; one was brought to the present writer in the 1st year of the 20th century, bearing the superscription of the Emperor Severus, who died at York A.D., 211.


The following list of Roman and other coins found at Horncastle, has been supplied by the Rev. J. A. Penny, Vicar of Wispington, who has them in his own possession.

Consular, denarius, silver.

OEs grave, or Roman as, heavy brass. Augustus, quinarius (half denarius). B.C. 27-A.D. 14. Claudius, brass, of three different sizes. A.D. 41-54. Vespasian, denarius, silver. A.D. 69-79. Domitian, brass. A.D. 81-96. Nerva, brass. A.D. 96-98. Trajan, brass, of two sizes. A.D. 98-117. Hadrian, brass. A.D. 117-138. Antoninus Pius, denarius, silver. A.D. 138-161. Faustina I., his wife, brass. Lucius Verus, brass. A.D. 161-169. Marcus Aurelius, brass. A D. 161-180. Faustina II., his wife, brass. Caracalla, denarius, silver. A.D. 211-217. Julia Saemias, mother of Emperor Heliogabalus, denarius, silver. A.D. 218-222. Gordian III., denarius, silver. A.D. 238-244. Philip I., brass. A.D. 244-249. Hostilian, denarius, silver. A.D. 249-251. Gallienus, brass. A.D. 253-268. Salomia, his wife, brass. Victorinus, brass (Emperor in West). A.D. 253-260. (10 varieties). Marius, brass (Emperor in West). A.D. 267. Claudius II. (or Gothicus), brass. A.D. 268-270. Tetricus I., brass (Emperor in Gaul). A.D. 270-273. Tetricus II., brass (Emperor in Gaul). A.D. 270-274. Probus, brass. A.D. 276-282. Diocletian, copper, a new kind of coin named a "follis." A.D. 284-305. Maximian, copper, a "follis." A.D. 286-305. Alectus, brass (Emperor in Britain). A.D. 293-296. Constantius Chlorus, brass. A.D. 305-306. Maxentius, copper, a "follis." A.D. 306-312. Constantine the Great, brass. A.D. 306-337. Crispus, brass. A.D. 326. Magnentius, brass (Emperor in Gaul and Britain). A.D. 350-353. Constantine II., brass (struck in London). A.D. 337-340. Constans, brass. A.D. 337-350. Constantius II., brass. A.D. 337-361. Valens, brass. A.D. 364-378. Gratian, brass. A.D. 375-383. Theodosius I., brass. A.D. 379-395. Arcadius, brass (Emperor in East). A.D. 395-408. Honorius, brass (Emperor in West). A.D. 395-423. Byzantine coin, bronze, date not known exactly but later than Honorius, so showing that the Romans held Horncastle against Saxon invaders.

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