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A History of the Philippines by David P. Barrows

Archivo del Bibliofilo Filipino


See on this matter Diccionario Mitologico de Filipinas, by Blumentritt; Retana, Archivo del Bibliofilo Filipino, vol. II.

[19] This word is of Sanskrit origin and is common throughout Malaysia.

[20] Relacion de las Cosas de las Filipinas hecha por Sr. Domingo de Salazar, Primer obispo de dichas islas, 1583; in Retana, Archivo, vol. III.

[21] The foundation and character of this great colonial administration have been admirably described by the Honorable Bernard Moses, United States Philippine Commissioner and the first Secretary of Public Instruction, in his work, The Establishment of Spanish Rule in America.

[22] Moses: Establishment of Spanish Rule in America, p. 12.

[23] Demarcacion del Maluco, hecha por el maestro Medina, in Documentos ineditos, vol. V., p. 552.

[24] This and subsequent voyages are given in the Documentos ineditos, vol. V., and a graphic account is in Argensola's Conquista de las Islas Molucas. They are also well narrated in English by Burney, Discoveries in the South Sea, vol. I., chapters V., XII., and XIV.

[25] Fray Gaspar de San Agustin: Conquista de las Islas Filipinas, lib. I., c. 13.

[26] One of the best paintings of the Filipino artist Juan Luna, which hangs in the Ayuntamiento

in Manila, represents Legaspi in the act of the "Pacto de Sangre" with this Filipino chieftain.

[27] There is an old account of this interesting expedition by one who participated. (Relacion de la Conquista de la Isla de Luzon, Manila, 1572; Retana, Archivo del Bibliofilo Filipino, vol. IV.)

[28] Morga: Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas, 2d ed., p. 10.

[29] Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas. P. 316.

[30] Conquista de la Isla de Luzon, p. 24.

[31] See the letter of Bishop Salazar to the king, explaining his motives, in coming to the Philippines. Retana, Biblioteca Filipina, vol, I.; Relacion, 1583, p. 4.

[32] Zuniga: Historia de Filipinas, pp. 195, 196.

[33] Both Van Noort and Morga have left us accounts of this sea-fight, the former in his journal, Description of the Failsome Voyage Made Round the World, and the latter in his famous, Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas.

[34] Montero y Vidal: Historia de Filipinas, vol. I., p. 199.

[35] Relacion de la Conquista de Luzon, 1572, p. 15.

[36] Relacion de las Encomiendas, existentes en Filipinas, Retana, Archivo del Bibliofilo Filipino, vol. IV.

[37] Ordenanzas ... para la Reparticion de los Indios de la Isla Espanola, in Documentos Ineditas, vol. I., p. 236.

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