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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

And of whom I have said something already Gaugie

_Gaugie_, man. _Gourie_, man. _Managie_, woman. _Chauvie_, a person of either sex. _Chauvies_, children. _Been gaugie_, gentleman. _Been gourie_, gentleman. _Rajah_, a chief, governor. _Baurie rajah_, the king. _Greham_, horse. _Grye_, horse. _Seefer_, ass. _Jucal_, dog. _Mufler_, cat. _Sloof_, sheep. _Bashanie_, cock. _Caunie_, hen. _Borlan_, sun. _Mang_, moon. _Goff_, fire. _Garlan_, ship. _Heefie_, spoon. _Keechan_, knife. _Chowrie_, knife. _Seaf_, hat. _Mass_, flesh. _Mass_, hand. _Bar_, money. _Lowie_, coin or money. _Roug_, silver. _Neel_, shilling. _Deek_, to listen. _Chee_, tongue. _Chee chee_, hold your tongue. _Chor_, thief. _Choar_, to steal. _Quad_, prison. _Moolie_, death. _Moolie_, I'll kill you. _Bing_, the devil. _Bing feck_, devil take you. _Bing feck eelreelee_, devil take your soul. _Choar a chauvie_, rob that person. _Choar a gaugie_, steal from that man. _Cheeteromanie_, a dram of whiskey. _Glowie a lowa_, pay him the money.

The first expression which the Gipsies use in saluting one another, when they first meet, anywhere, is "_Auteenie, auteenie_." Steedman, however, did not give me the English of this salutation. He stated to me that, at the present day, the Gipsies in Scotland, when by themselves, transact their business in their own language, and hold all their ordinary conversations in the same speech. In the course of a few minutes, Steedman's fears returned upon him. He appeared to regret what he had done. He now said he had forgotten the language, and referred me to his father, old Andrew Steedman, who, he said, would give me every information I might require. I imprudently sent him out, to bring the old man to me; for, when both returned, all further communication, with regard to their speech, was at an end. Both were now dead silent on the subject, denied all knowledge of the Gipsy language, and were evidently under great alarm. The old man would not face me at all; and when I went to him, he appeared to be shaking and trembling, while he stood at the head of his horses, in his own stable. Young Steedman entreated me to tell no one that he had given me any words, as the Tinklers, he said, would be exceedingly displeased with him for doing so. This man, however, by being kindly treated, and seeing no intention of doing him any harm, became, at an after period, communicative on various subjects relative to the Gipsies.

The following are the words which I obtained during an hour's interrogation of the woman that baffled me for seven years, and of whom I have said something already:

_Gaugie_, man. _Chauvie_, child. _Mort_, wife. _Shan mort_, bad wife. _Blawkie_, pot. _Roys_, spoons. _Snypers_, shears. _Fluff_, tobacco-pipe. _Baurie mort_, good wife. _Nais mort_, grandmother. _Nais gaugie_, grandfather. _Been riah_, gentleman. _Been raunie_, gentlewoman. _Dill_, servant-maid. _Loudnie_, whore. _Chor_, thief. _Gawvers_, pickpockets. _Nawkens_, Tinklers. _Rachlin_, hanged man. _Klistie_, soldier. _Paunie-col_, sailor. _Femmel_, hand. _Yak_, eye. _Sherro_, head. _Mooie_, mouth. _Chatters_, teeth. _Rat_, blood. _Rat_, night. _Moolie_, death, to die, kill. _Shucha_, coat. _Teeyakas_, shoes. _Gawd_, shirt. _Olivers_, stockings. _Wiper_, napkin. _Coories_, blankets. _Grye_, horse. _Aizel_, ass. _Jucal_, dog. _Routler_, cow. _Bakra_, sheep. _Kair_, house. _Blinker_, window. _Kep_, bed. _Fluffan_, tobacco. _Lowie_, money. _Roug_, silver. _Leel_, bank notes. _Casties_, trees. _Quad_, prison. _Harro_, sword. _Chourie_, bayonet-knife. _Mass_, meat, flesh. _Guffie_, swine's flesh. _Flatrins_, fish. _Habben_, bread. _Blaw_, meal. _Neddies_, potatoes. _Thood_, milk. _Smout_, butter. _Chizcazin_, cheese. _Bobies_, peas. _Pooklie_, pot-barley. _Shaucha_, broth. _Geeve_, corn, wheat, grain. _Faizim_, hay. _Stramel_, straw. _Paunie_, water. _Yak_, coal. _Mouds_, peats. _Shan drom_, bad road. _Beenlightment_, daylight. _Jaw vree_, go away. _Aucheer mangan_, hold your tongue. _Bing lee ma_, devil miss me. _Ruffie feck ma_, devil take me. _Ruffie lee ma_, devil miss me.

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