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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

Been aware I was unacquainted with his speech

_Slaps_, tea. _Moozies_, porridge. _Mass_, flesh. _Shaucha_, broth. _Mumlie_, candle. _Stramel_, straw. _Parnie_, wheat. _Duff_, smoke. _Yak_, fire. _Wuther_, door. _Glue_, window. _Kair_, house. _Shucha_, coat. _Shuch-hamie_, waistcoat. _Castie_, stick. _Coories_, blankets. _Eegees_, bed-clothes. _Wautheriz_, bed. _Suchira_, sixpence. _Sye-boord_, sixpence. _Chinda_, shilling. _Chinda ochindies_, twelve shillings. _Trin chindies_, three shillings. _Baurie_, grand, great, good. _Shan_, bad. _Davies-pagrin_, daybreak. _Baurie davies_, good day. _Shan davies_, bad day. _Paunie davies_, wet day. _Sheelra davies_, frosty or cold day. _Sneepa davies_, snowy or white day. _Baurie forest_, the chief city. _Baurie paunie_, the sea, ocean, grand water. _Bing_, the devil. _Ruffie_, the devil. _Feck_, take. _Chauvies wautheriz_, the children's bed-clothes. _Sherro_, head. _Carlie_, neck. _Lears_, ears. _Chatters_, teeth. _Yak_, eye. _Nak_, nose. _Mooie_, mouth. _Vast_, hand. _Jaur_, leg. _Nek_, knee. _Peerie_, foot. _Bar_, stone. _Drom_, the earth. _Cang-geerie_, church. _Sonnakie_, gold. _Sonnakie vanister_, gold ring. _Callo_, black. _Callo gaugie_, black man. _Leehgh callo_, blue. _Sneepa_, white, snow. _Sheelra_, cold, frost. _Lon_, salt. _Lon paunie_, the sea, salt water. _Rat_, night. _Rat_, blood. _Habben kairer_, baker of bread. _Aizel_, ass. _Gournie_,
cow. _Jucal_, dog. _Paupeenie_, goose. _Caunie_, hen. _Boord_, penny. _Curdie_, half-penny. _Lee_, miss. _Ruffie feck ma_, devil take me. _Ruffie lee ma_, devil miss me. _Feck a bar and mar the gaugie_, lift a stone and fell the man. _Chee, chee_, silence, hold your tongue. _Auvie_, come here. _Jaw vree_, go away. _Jaw wree wautheriz_, go away to your bed. _Baish doun_, sit down. _Baish doun bettiment_, sit down on the chair. _Howie been baishen?_ how are you? _Riah_, gentleman. _Raunie_, gentlewoman. _Baurie riah_, king. _Baurie raunie_, queen. _Praw_, son. _Prawl_, daughter. _Yaggers_, colliers. _Nawken_, Tinkler, Gipsy. _Cam_, the moon. _Quad_, prison. _Staurdie_, prison. _Yaik_, one. _Duie_, two. _Trin_, three. _Tor_, four. _Fo_, five. _Shaigh_, six. _Naivairn_, seven. _Naigh_, eight. _Line_, nine. _Nay_, ten.

This young man sang part of two Gipsy songs to me, in English; and then, at my request, he turned one of them into the Gipsy language, intermingled a little, however, with English words; occasioned, perhaps, by the difficulty in translating it. The subject of one of the songs was that of celebrating a robbery, committed upon a Lord Shandos; and the subject of the other was a description of a Gipsy battle. The courage with which the females stood the rattle of the cudgels upon their heads was much lauded in the song. Like the Gipsy woman with whom I had no less than seven years' trouble ere getting any of her speech, this Gipsy lad became, in about an hour's time, very restless, and impatient to be gone. The true state of things, in this instance, dawned upon his mind. He now became much alarmed, and would neither allow me to write down his songs, nor stop to give me any more of his words and sentences. His terror was only exceeded by his mortification; and, on parting with me, he said that, had he, at first, been aware I was unacquainted with his speech, he would not have given me a word of it.

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