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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

And the country from which they came

death. _Moolie_, I'll kill you. _Mooled_, murdered. _Moolie a gaugie_, kill the man. _Powiskie_, gun or pistol. _Harro_, sword. _Shammel_, sword. _Chourie_, knife. _Rachlin_, hanged. _Sallah_[206], to curse. _Klistie_, soldier. _Nash_, deserter. _Grye-femler_, horse-dealer. _Staurdie_, prison. _Nak_, nose. _Yak_, eye. _Yaka_, eyes. _Mooie_, mouth. _Vast_, hand. _Sherro_, head. _Femmel_, hand. _Lowie_, coin or money. _Lowa_, silver. _Curdie_, half-penny. _Bar_, five shillings. _Size_, six. _Grye_, horse. _Greham_, horse. _Prancie_, horse. _Aizel_, ass. _Jucal_, dog. _Routler_, cow. _Bakra_, sheep. _Matchka_, cat. _Bashanie_, cock. _Caunie_, hen. _Thood_, milk. _Molzie_, wine. _Bulliment_, loaf of bread. _Neddie_, potato. _Shaucha_, broth. _Mass_, flesh. _Habben_, bread. _Pauplers_, pottage. _Paunie_, water. _Paurie_, water. _Mumlie_, candle. _Blinkie_, candle. _Flatrin_, fish. _Chizcazin_, cheese. _Romanie_, whiskey. _Casties_, wood. _Filsh_, tree. _Lodlie_, quarters. _Choar_, to steal. _Chor_, a thief. _Bumie_, to drink. _Jaw vree_, go away. _Graunzie_, barn. _Graunagie_, barn. _Clack_, stone. _Yak_, fire. _Peerie_, pot. _Treepie_, pot-lid. _Roy_, spoon. _Skew_, platter. _Swag_, sack. _Ingrims_, pincers. _Yog-ingrims_, fire-irons. _Sauster_, iron. _Mashlam_, brass or metal. _Fizam_, grass. _Penam_, hay. _Geeve_, corn. _Greenam_, corn. _Beerie_, ship. _Outhrie_, window. _Nab_, horn. _Shucha_, coat. _Scaf_, hat. _Gogle_, hat. _Cockle_, hat. _Calshes_, breeches. _Teeyakas_, shoes. _Olivers_, stockings. _Beenship_, good. _Baurie_, good. _Shan_, bad. _Rauge_, mad. _Riah_, _Rajah_, chief, governor. _Been riah_, the king. _Been mort_, the queen. _Been gaugie_, gentleman. _Been riah_, gentleman. _Been mort_, lady. _Yagger_, collier. _Nawken_,[207] Tinkler, Gipsy. _Davies_, day. _Rat_, night. _Beenship mashlam_, good metal. _Beenship-rat_, good-night. _Beenlightment_, Sabbath-day. _Shan drom_, bad road. _Shan davies_, bad day. _Gaugie_, man. _Managie_, woman. _Mort_, wife. _Chavo_, son. _Chauvies_, children. _Praw_, son. _Prawl_, daughter. _Nais-gaugie_, grandfather. _Nais-mort_, grandmother. _Aukaman_, marriage. _Carie_, penis. _Bight_, pudenda. _Sjair_, to ease nature. _Jair dah_, a woman's apron.

[206] _Sallah_, in the Scottish Gipsy speech, properly signifies accursed, or detested. It is one of the most abusive expressions that can be used towards your fellow creatures. Nothing terrifies a young Gipsy so much as to bawl out to him, "_Sallah, jaw drom_," which, in plain English, nearly means, "You accursed, take the road."

It appears that, in Hindostanee, _Salla_ is a word of the highest reproach, and that nothing can provoke a Hindoo so much as the applying of it to him. When cursing and swearing, by what would appear to be the Deity, the Gipsies make use of the word _Sallahen_.

[207] _Nawken_ has a number of significations, such as Tinkler, Gipsy, a wanderer, a worker in iron, a man who can do anything for himself in the mechanical arts, &c., &c.

I was desirous to learn, from this Gipsy, if there were any traditions among the Scottish Gipsies, as to their origin, and the country from which they came. He stated that the language of which he had given me a specimen was an Ethiopian dialect, used by a tribe of thieves and robbers; and that the

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