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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

Which is believed by all the Scottish Gipsies

[218] Meeting a Bengalee at Peebles, begging money to pay his passage back to India, I repeated to him, from memory, a few of the Gipsy words I had collected a week before. After listening attentively, he answered that it was the Moor's language I had got, and gave me the English of _paunie_, water, and _davies_, day. I took the first opportunity of mentioning this interview to the Gipsies, observing it was the general opinion that their forefathers came from India. They, however, persisted in their own tradition, that they were a tribe of Ethiopians, which is believed by all the Scottish Gipsies. [See pages 113 and 315.--ED.]


_Baurie_, great, grand, rich. _Bura_, Grand, good, great, rich. _Been_, great, grand, rich. _Beenie_, Grand, good, great, rich. _Callo_, _Kala_, Black. _Lon_, _Loon_, Salt. _Gourie_, a man. _Gowra_, White man. _Gaugie_, a man. _Gaugie_, or Rich man. _Fraugie_, _Mort_, a wife. _Murgia_, Dead wife. _Chavo_, _Chokna_, A boy, a son. _Praw_, _Praw_, Son. _Prawl_, _Prawl_, Daughter. _Nais-gaugie_, grand-

father. _Nais gaugie_, Old man. _Nais-mort_, grand- mother. _Nais mort_, Old woman. _Riah_, _Riah_, A chief, a gentleman. _Rajah_, a chief, governor, _Rajah_, A chief, a lord. _Raunie_, lady, wife of a gentleman. _Raunie_, The wife of a prince. _Been riah_, _Beenie riah_, The king. _Been raunie_, _Beenie raunie_, The queen. _Been gourie_, _Beenie gourie_, A gentleman. _Bauree rajah_, _Bura rajah_, The king. _Baurie raunie_, _Bura raunie_, The queen. _Baurie forest_, _Bura frost_, _bura Great town. malook_, _Baurie paunie_, _Bura paunie_, The sea, the great water. _Lon paunie_, _Loon paunie_, Salt water, the ocean. _Grye_, _Ghora_, Horse. _Prancie_, a horse. _Prawncie_, A gentleman's carriage. _Gournie_, _Goroo_, A cow. _Backra_, _Buckra_, A sheep. _Sherro_, _Sir_, Head. _Yak_, _Aukh_, Eye. _Yaka_, _Aukha_, Eyes. _Nak_, _Nak_, Nose. _Mooie_, _Mooih_, Mouth. _Chee_, _Jeebh_, The tongue. _Chee chee_, _Choopra_, Hold your tongue. _Femmel_, hand. _Fingal_, Ends of the fingers. _Vast_, _Wast_, The hand. _Peerie_, _Peir_, The foot. _Gave_, _Gaw_, Village.

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