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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

Particularly where the letter a occurs

_Kair_, _Gur_,

A house. _Wautheriz_, _Waudrie_, A bed. _Outhrie_, a window. _Outrie_, _Durvaja_, A door. _Eegees_, bed clothes. _Eegees_, Bed curtains. _Shuch-hamie_, _Shuamie_, A waistcoat. _Jair-dah_, _Jairda_, Woman's apron. _Gawd_, _Dowglaw_, A man's shirt. _Teeyakas_, _Teeyaka_, Shoes. _Scaf_, a hat. _Scaf_, a small piece of cloth tied around the head, like a fillet. _Skews_, _Skows_, Platters, jugs. _Chowrie_, _Choree_, Knife. _Harro_, _Dhoro_, Sword. _Sauster_, iron. _Sauspoon_, Iron pot-lid, iron. _Mass_, _Mass_, Flesh. _Thood_, _Doodh_, Milk. _Chizcazin_, cheese. _Chizcaizim_, Cheese-knife. _Blaw_, meal. _Blaw_, Indian corn. _Flatrin_, _Flatrin_, Fish of any kind. _Shaucha_, broth _Shoorwa_, Soup. _Molzie_, _Mool_, Wine. _Romanie_, whiskey. _Rominie_, Spirits, liquor. _Mumlie_, a candle. _Membootie_, Candles. _Fluffan_, _Floofan_, Smoking tobacco. _Yak_, _Ag_, Fire. _Paunie_, _Paunie_, Water. _Casties_, _Cashtes_, Fruit
trees. _Bar_, _Dunbar_, A stone. _Sonnakie_, _Sona_, Gold. _Roug_, _Roopa_, Silver. _Chinda_, silver. _Chindee_, Silver, tin. _Geeve_, _Guing_, Wheat. _Mang_, _Chan_, _Jung_, The moon. _Bumie_, _Boomie_, To drink. _Mar_, _Marna_, To strike. _Rauge_, _Rawd_, Mad. _Choar_, _Chorna_, To steal. _Chor_, _Chor_, Thief. _Humff_, _Huff_, Give me. _Moolie_, death, to die, dead. _Moola_, Dead. _Quad_, _Quid_, Prison. _Staurdie_, prison. _Staurdee_, A prison, to confine, hold. _Jaw vree_, _Jowa_, Go away. _Auvie_, _Aow_, Coming, come here. _Davies_, _Din_, Day. _Rat_, _Raut_, Night. _Pagrin_, _Pawgrin_, To break. _Davies-pagrin_, _Dawis-pawgrin_, Day-break, the morning. _Klistie_, a soldier. _Kleestie_, Black soldier, Sepoy. _Nash_, deserter. _Natch_, To run away. _Loudnie_, _Loonie_, A bad woman.[219]

[219] A lady who resided seventeen years in India, already alluded to, mentioned to me that the pronunciation of the Hindoos is broad, like that of the Scotch, particularly where the letter a occurs; and that the Scotch learn Hindostanee sooner, and more correctly, than the natives of other countries. For this reason, I am inclined to think that the Scottish Gipsy will have a greater resemblance to Hindostanee than the Gipsy of some other countries.

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