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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

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345 English Gipsies married to native Americans 377 A Gitano has a cigar store in Virginia. Egyptians in Louisiana _n_389 _See Disquisition on the Gipsies_ 418-425 Meeting between English and American Gipsies, in Maryland 430 The Zincali Society in the city of New York, _n_438--Address to the American Gipsies 440 There should be no prejudices against Gipsies in America 441, 524 AMERICAN INDIANS. Comparison between them and the Gipsies generally 53, 55, 446 AMERICAN READER, to the 6, 7, 440, 524, 525 AMUSEMENTS OF GIPSIES 124, 126, 179, 182, 224 ANTIQUARIES. Prejudices of, against the Gipsies _n_7 The profession of, 56, zeal in the calling of _n_57 ARABS. English Gipsies say they are a cross between Arabs and Egyptians 14, 467 How Arabs protect shipwrecked Christians _n_203 They strip people of their clothes in the desert 210 BAILLIES OF LAMINGTON. Their influence of great service to the Scottish Gipsies 121, 205, 213, 470 The connexion between them and the Gipsy tribe of Baillie 185 BAIRD, REV.
JOHN. His report on the Gipsy mission to the Church of Scotland 64 His collection of Gipsy words, collated with those of the author 334 On the absence of slang in the Gipsy language _n_338 His plan for improving the Gipsies 368, _n_369 BATTLES, GIPSY. At Stirling, 147, Romanno, 188, Hawick, 190, Eskdale moor, 193, Dumblane 194 BIGGAR. The face of the country about Biggar 141 Gipsy turbulence in Biggar fair 196 BIRTH OF THE ORIGINAL KIND OF GIPSIES 356, _n_357 BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE. The author's articles in, 8, 56, 64--Poetical notice of them 66 Hints at a philosophical account of the Gipsies 25 Extracts of Scottish public records, taken from 113 Unintentional attempt of a Gipsy to rob his own clergyman _n_124 Chase after John Young, a Gipsy, resembling a fox hunt _n_144 The unabashed hardihood of Gipsies under suspicion _n_155 Old Will of Phaup's five years' warfare with the Gipsies _n_179 Assault of the Gipsies on Pennicuik House _n_195 The slaughter of William Baillie, a Gipsy chief 206 How the Gipsies acquired a foothold in Yetholm _n_252 Will Faa's twenty-four children, and pompous christenings _n_252 The language spoken by the Gipsies in the Highlands

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