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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

249 Sir Walter Scott points out a Gipsy


_n_338 The Nuts or

Bazegurs of India supposed to be the parent stock of the Gipsies 339 The purity of Gipsy blood, and child stealing--Mr. Borrow's "Gipsies in Spain" 375 The numberless descendants of Billy Marshall, a Gipsy chief _n_388 The Duchess of Gordon saves two Gipsies from the gallows 470 BLACKWOOD, WILLIAM. His four letters to the author 56 He originates the idea of a history of the Gipsies _n_59 Letter to him, describing the escapes and execution of Peter Young, a Gipsy 145 His contribution on the Gipsies in Tweed-dale 196, on the Border 251 BORDER GIPSIES. The district in which the Faas travelled 236 The tribes of Faa and Baillie in a state of hostility 236 Quarrel in an English Gipsy family, in America: "the Faas and Baillies over again" _n_237 Henry Faa sits at the tables of people in public office, and receives blackmail from men of considerable fortune 237 The mercantile house of Fall, of Dunbar, founded by Gipsies 237 Captain Fall a member of parliament--the family rule the political interests of Dunbar 237
Mrs. Fall works, in tapestry, a group of the founders of the family, with their asses, &c. 237 Anecdotes of the Falls with reference to their tribe and origin _n_238 The extensive nature of the Fall firm, and the cause of its ruin 233 Miss Fall marries Sir John Anstruther, of Elie, baronet 238 The rabble insult her at an election, in which Sir John is a candidate 239 The song of "Johnny Faa, the Gipsy Laddie" 239 The Earl of Cassilis the husband of her who absconded with the "Gipsy Laddie" 241 Adventure of a relative of Sir Walter Scott among the Gipsies 241 The original of Meg Merrilies, 242--The execution of her sons, 243--She is drowned by the rabble, at Carlisle, for being a jacobite 244 The grandfather of Sir Walter Scott is feasted by the Gipsies, on Charter-house moor 244 Contribution of Baillie Smith, of Kelso, to Hoyland's "Survey of the Gipsies" 245 Attachment of the Yetholm Gipsies to their mode of life, their independence, peculiar points of honour, honesty when trusted, the number of the tribe in the county, 245--Their employment given to hunting and fishing, 246--The nature of their leases, the late proprietor calls them his body-guard, his successor grants no more leases to the tribe, they stay at home during the winter months only, they seldom marry out of the tribe, 247--Their physical peculiarities, occasional migrations, burials, education, church attendance and baptism, 248--un- steadiness of disposition, they will pay their rents only when it suits themselves, 248--They resent an interference with the Debatable Lands, 249--Sir Walter Scott points out a Gipsy, 250--Will Faa, the Gipsy king, claims kin with the Messrs. Fall, merchants, of Dunbar,

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