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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

And civilized Gipsies about Yetholm


Will's death and burial, 251--

Report on the Gipsies by the sheriffs _n_251 Contribution from Mr. Blackwood, towards a history of the Gipsies 251 Yetholm first occupied by the Faas and the Youngs, tradition of their first settlement, _n_252--Will Faa and the Falls of Dunbar, Will thrice married, his twenty-four children, and pompous christenings, has charge of Marlfield house, the sheriff becomes his security, his corpse escorted by 300 asses, 252--His son and successor, his brother a lieutenant in the East India Company's service, Gipsy fights, recovery of a stolen mare, quarrels among the tribe, 253--The Walker family, and civilized Gipsies about Yetholm, Gipsy connexions, education, no female Gipsy educated, the colony free of imputed crime for fifty years 254 The author's visit to Yetholm--Handling the cudgel 254 A smuggling adventure of Will Faa--His appearance--A lament on his death 255 His relations in New York--A great many of the tribe scattered over the world _n_255 BORROW, GEORGE. His publications on the Gipsies, since this work was written 6, 64 In error on the subject of Gipsies stealing children _n_9, _n_342 On the Gipsy language, 23, _n_281, _n_298, _n_338, _n_431--On
Timour overrunning India 38 In error in saying that the Gipsies obtained the name of Egyptians from others 39 Description of English Gipsies, and the English dialect spoken by them _n_93 Spanish Gipsy counts, _n_107, 397, _n_468--Act of Charles II. against Spaniards, for protecting the Gipsies _n_114 Gipsies poison swine, and eat their flesh _n_186 English Gipsy surnames--Travelling Gipsies have two names _n_219 Chastity among young Spanish Gipsy females, _n_257--Spanish Gipsy marriage ceremony _n_262 The character of Spanish Gipsy women _n_285 On the Law of Charles III., ameliorating the condition of the Spanish Gipsies _n_313, 392 Song of a female Gipsy, at Moscow, _n_317--On the Sclavonic in the Gipsy language _n_338 He meets with a rich Gipsy in Spain, _n_347--How Gipsies resist cold weather _n_354 Meeting between a French and Spanish Gipsy, in the heat of a battle _n_360 On the education of the Spanish Gipsies _n_365 Religion among the Moscow Gipsies--He preaches to the tribe in Spain _n_366 A half-blood Spanish Gipsy captain, 372, _n_373, 377--Civilized Gipsies in Moscow 374, 399, _n_408 Shuffling of the Gipsies regarding marriage with ordinary natives _n_375 Characters in Lavengro and the Romany Rye _n_375, 508, _n_509 The Spanish Gipsies generally; _See Disquisition on the Gipsies_ 385-397 The natural capacity of Gipsies--different classes in Spain, Turkey, and Russia 398 No washing will turn the Gipsy white, 413--Moorish

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