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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

He alludes to Gipsy women stealing children


Gipsies in Africa

428 He is taken for a Gipsy in Spain, 397, and at Moscow 430 On the grammatical peculiarities of the Gipsy language _n_431 On the hatred entertained by the Gipsies for other people _n_433 On Gipsy ingratitude--lawlessness in Spain 435 Mr. Borrow as an authority on the Gipsies 448, 450, 523 On the Russian Gipsies owning flocks and herds 466 Description of a superior Spanish Gipsy, in 1584 _n_468 BRIGHT, DR. (TRAVELS IN HUNGARY.) The phenomenon of the existence of the Gipsies 7 The existence of the Gipsy language little short of the miraculous 24 He hopes to see a satisfactory account of the Gipsies 25 Description of Gipsy life in England 30 Description of Gipsy dwellings, and their locations, in Hungary _n_141 Spanish Gipsy marriage ceremony, _n_261--Spanish Gipsy widows _n_274 The difficulties in acquiring the Gipsy language _n_281 He suggests that the Gipsy language should be collated with vulgar Hindostanee 330 An Hungarian nobleman's opinion on the civilization of the Gipsies
367 BRUCE, JAMES, (TRAVELS IN AFRICA.) Account of the Arabs protecting shipwrecked Christians _n_203 Method of selling cargoes, at Jedda, to the Turks _n_312 His discoveries discredited 537 BUNSEN, CHEVALIER, ON SOUND JUDGMENT AND SHALLOW MINDS _n_518 BUNYAN, JOHN. He alludes to Gipsy women stealing children, _n_80--He is bred to the business of a brazier _n_206 His family history illustrated by the author's visit to a Gipsy, met with at St. Boswell's 309 His wife before Judge Hale, _n_313, 517--His description of his early habits, or "youthful vanities" _n_402 His nationality, and that of his tribe; _See Disquisition on the Gipsies._ 507-523 The name of Bunyan calculated to raise up that of the Gipsies 530 He is still unacknowledged, though his fame will be as lasting as the pyramids 535 Some people imagine it would degrade Bunyan, to say he was a Gipsy 536 BURNS, ROBERT. His "Jolly Beggars;" "My bonny lass, I work in brass" _n_346 He alludes to the Falls, of Dunbar, in his tour _n_406 CANADA. A Scottish Gipsy family in, 18--Gipsies in 424 A criticism on this work, while in prospect, by a Scotch editor in 537 CAPPADOCE FAMILY, VICISSITUDES IN THE RELIGIOUS HISTORY OF THE 497 CARLYLE, DR. ALEXANDER. Execution of Jock Johnstone, _n_201--Jenny Fall, afterwards Lady Anstruther _n_239 CASSILIS, THE COUNTESS OF. Elopes with John Faa, a Gipsy chief, 108--The song of "Johnny Faa, the Gipsy Laddie," composed thereon 239 CASTE. In India, 28--In Great Britain, 52, 54, 440, 443, 516, 522--In America 54, 441, 525 CHAMBERS' GAZETTEER. Description of Yetholm, _n_141--Gipsy scenes

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