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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

Characters or the Gipsies in Wallachia


at St. Boswell's fair

_n_353 CHAMBERS' JOURNAL--On the disappearance of the Gipsies _n_449 CHAMBERS' MISCELLANY--An account of Peter Young, a Gipsy _n_146 CHILD STEALING BY THE GIPSIES 9, 45, _n_80, 342, 375 CHURCH OF SCOTLAND. Mission among the Scottish Gipsies 6, 55, 64, _n_369 A Gipsy one of the committee of the missionary society 6 Gipsies clergymen in the Scottish Church 6, 412 Mission of enquiry to the Jews; the Gipsies of Wallachia _n_73 CHURCH, THE. Religious journals decline entertaining the question, "Was John Bunyan a Gipsy?", 522, 525--The Church should do its duty to the Gipsy race generally 440, 443, 533, 535, 536 CLARKE, DR., (TRAVELS IN RUSSIA, &c.) Characters or the Gipsies in Wallachia, 74--Gipsy dances in Moscow 180 COLLIERS, GIPSY--In the Lothians, _n_111--In the English mines 401 COLLIERS, SCOTCH, SLAVES _n_111, _n_121, 506 CONSTABLES. A Gipsy constable murdered, another hanged, and a third banished 215-218 Gipsies formerly employed as county constables--Their peculiarities 343 Gipsy constables at the present day 348
A mixed Gipsy makes a good constable and thief-catcher _n_348 CONTINENTAL GIPSIES. The times at which the tribe appeared in the different countries in Europe 69 The appellations given to them, in various countries 69 Notice of the Gipsies, as they appeared at Paris, in 1427 70 Their original country unknown--At first, they receive passports as pilgrims 70 Persecutions in Spain, France, and Italy, in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany 71 A general extermination never took place 72 Theft and robbery, and "sorning," or masterful begging, the causes of these persecutions 72 The habits of the Gipsies everywhere the same, 72--They have no religion peculiar to themselves 73 The condition and classes of the Gipsies in the Danubian Principalities 73 Allusion to these Gipsies, in a mission of enquiry to the Jews, in 1839 _n_73 Remarks on the slavery of these Gipsies--Gipsies as spies, in the late Russian war _n_74 The Gipsies in the Turkish empire, in Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, and France 75 Remarks on Grellmann's alleged disappearance of the Gipsies from France _n_76 The Gipsies in Spain, according to Dr. Bright 76 The Gipsies of Syria, the Crimea, Persia, and India 77 The population of the Gipsies in Europe, and the world generally 77 The imposing titles and equipage of the leaders of the Gipsies, on their arrival in Europe

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