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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

355 disquisition on the past


77 The nature and

form of government among the Continental Gipsies 78 An account of German Gipsy bands, translated by Sir Walter Scott, for Blackwood's Magazine 78 Baron Trenck, in his wanderings, falls in with a German Gipsy band 86 The Gipsies of the Pyrenees--Their resemblance to the inferior class of Scottish Gipsies 86 COOKING AMONG THE GIPSIES 88, 187, 232 COUNTERFEITING AMONG THE GIPSIES 174, 204 CRABB, REV. JAMES. The Gipsies, as they become civilized, avoid the barbarous part of the tribe _n_283 The Hindostanee and the Gipsy languages, _n_334--His plan for improving the Gipsies 368 CRITICS. A word or two to--A criticism on this work, while in prospect, by a Scotch editor in Canada 537 DANCING AMONG THE GIPSIES 179, 180, 182 DEAD, THE BURIAL OF THE, AMONG THE GIPSIES _n_128 DISGUISES OF THE GIPSIES 129, 150, 162, 169, 177, 213, 222, 320, _n_323, 349, 355 DISQUISITION ON THE PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE OF GIPSYDOM. Points omitted by the author--The philosophy of the Gipsy subject
371 Gipsydom a _terra incognita_--Its origin, language, and habits strange to other people 371 Natural perpetuation of the tribe--Mixed Gipsies hold by the connexion 372 The prejudice of caste--A half-blood Spanish Gipsy captain 372 An iron-master marries a Cinderella, 373--Civilized Gipsies in Moscow, and Scotland 374 The Gipsies mix their blood--No full-blood Gipsies in Scotland 374 The Edinburgh Review and Blackwood's Magazine on the purity of Gipsy blood 374 How Gipsies shuffle on the point--The case of Ursula, in the Romany Rye _n_375 The physical peculiarities of mixed Gipsies 375, and other mixed races 376 Appearance of the half-blood captain--The Gipsies partial to fair hair 377 Mixed Gipsies common everywhere--Grellmann on the colour of Gipsies _n_377 American mixed Gipsies, 377--The Gipsies receive males rather than females into their tribe 378 How female Gipsies "manage" natives, when they marry them 378 How Gipsies are brought up to adhere to their race

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