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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

Borrow on the Spanish Gipsies generally


379 Remarks

of Mr. George Offor on young female Gipsies generally _n_380 Little difference if the father is a native--Town Gipsies visit the tent in their youth _n_380 Fair-haired Gipsies, 381--They are superior to the others--the two kinds will readily marry _n_382 The peculiarities of black and fair Gipsies--The _pons assinorum_ of the Gipsy question 383 The destiny of European-like Gipsies, and of the tribe generally 383 The philosophy of the mixture of Gipsy blood--The issue always Gipsy 384 Mr. Borrow on the Spanish Gipsies generally. If no laws are passed against them 385 Their social position, intermarriages, the law of Charles III. on the prejudice against the tribe 386 Gipsyism like Freemasonry, _n_387--Mrs. Fall's ancestral group of Gipsies 387 A Scotchman on the destiny of the Gipsies, 387--Nothing interferes with the question of tribe 388 Scottish _literati_ on the destiny of the Gipsies--A cloud of ignorance protects the tribe _n_388 The Gipsies "declining," according to Mr. Borrow, 388--His singular inconsistencies
389 Change in the habits of Gitanos--They are to be found in Cuba, Mexico, and the United States 389 Mr. Borrow leaves the question of the Spanish Gipsies where he found it 390 The Gipsies "decreasing," by changing their habits, and intermarriages 390 Gipsies ashamed of the name before the world--Two kinds of Gipsies in Badajoz 391 The law of Charles III., 392--Its real meaning--Causes of Spanish Gipsy civilization 393 The law of Charles III. little more than nominal, 394--The Church did not annoy the Gitanos 395 Mr. Borrow's Spanish Gipsy authorities--The tribe the same in Spain as in Great Britain 395 "Strangers" among English Gipsies, "foreign tinkers" among those in Spain 396 Mixed Gipsies in Spain--Persecutions against the Spanish and Scottish Gipsies 397 The tinkers and Rothwelsh in the Austrian dominions 397 The natural capacity of Gipsies--Opinions of Grellmann, Bischoff, Borrow 398 Various classes of Gipsies, according to Mr. Borrow, Spanish, Turkish, and Russian 399 The original Scottish Gipsies, how

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