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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

Noticed by Fletcher of Saltoun


they encreased, mixed their

blood, and spread 399 Their internal polity and numbers, style of life, 400--How English Gipsies leave the tent 401 The natural vicissitudes of an English Gipsy, after leaving the tent 401 Gipsy ambition, 401--John Bunyan's early habits as described by himself _n_402 The character of Scottish Gipsies, and their opinion of themselves and tribe 402 Phases of history through which the Scottish Gipsies have passed 402 The vicissitudes in the history of a respectable Scottish Gipsy family, settling in a town 404 Gipsies among the best Edinburgh families--An eminent Scottish Gipsy clergyman 405 The Falls, of Dunbar, Gipsies--Burns visits them, _n_406, they are noticed in the Statistical Account of Scotland _n_406 They divulge their tribe, over their cups--Will Faa their relative--The Scottish Gipsies claim them 406 Their ancestors Gipsy kings--The Gipsy language in the family 407 Miss Fall, afterwards Lady Anstruther, her feelings--The other connexions of the Falls 408 Mr. Borrow's visit to, and description
of, the Gipsies of Moscow _n_408 The Gipsies proud of their ancestors, though thieves and robbers 409 Border and Highland thieves and robbers, 409--Sir Walter Scott's ancestors _n_410 Gipsy and Highland thieving--The McGregors and the Gipsies 411 Fitz-James' address to Roderick Dhu, in the "Lady of the Lake" _n_411 A Gipsy is a Gipsy, whether barbarous, civilized, educated, or Christianized 412 Pritchard on the Hungarian race, past and present 413 Civilized Scottish Gipsies--What they say of themselves 414 The Gipsies should be judged by a standard different from that applicable to ordinary natives 414 The circumstances attending a wild Gipsy make him only half responsible 414 The race, in its development, should be more leniently treated than others 415 The antiquity of the Gipsies, they are probably the descendants of the shepherd kings 415 The confession of the Scotch clergyman unintelligible, unless fully explained 415 What might be expected of the Gipsy tribe, the Scottish Gipsies especially 415 Population of the Scottish Gipsies, and the British Gipsies generally 416 The Gipsies are afraid of strange Gipsies, when at home--A French and German Gipsy in New York _n_416 Scottish vagabonds, noticed by Fletcher of Saltoun, in 1680, were doubtless Gipsies _n_417 Scottish Gipsy encrease, since 1506, Sir Walter Scott's opinion on the destiny and number of the

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