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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

To the king of Denmark in favour of Anthonius Gawino


Scottish Gipsies, letter of

James IV. to the king of Denmark in favour of Anthonius Gawino, Gipsy trials, Gipsies banished and hanged, the descendants of the Gipsies "prodigiously numerous" _n_418 America, Gipsies banished to, 418--A Gipsy colony in New England--Colonial Gipsies would not likely take to the tent--Their occupations 419 European Gipsies in America, 420--Arrival and modes of life of English Gipsies 421 Fortune-tellers: their mode of travelling, tricks, captures, and escapes 422 The Slave States naturally suitable to the Gipsies--Travelling Gipsies in Canada 424 Scottish Gipsies in the United States and Canada--Gipsies everywhere 424 Resemblance between the formation of Gipsydom and that of the United States 425 The peculiar feelings of Gipsies--Highland and Lowland feuds--Gipsy resentment 425 The prejudice against the Gipsies compels them to hide their nationality 426 What is it that frightens the educated Gipsies? The word Gipsy 426 In what other than a hidden state could we expect to
find the Gipsies? 427 The difficulty in discovering who are, and who are not, Gipsies, at the present day 428 Gipsy blood changed into almost pure black, in Africa, as well as white, in Europe 428 Gipsies found near the sources of the Senegal and Gambia _n_429 The universality of the Gipsies--Meeting between English and American Gipsies 430 Language of the Gipsies in England and Scotland--Rivalry in its pronunciation 431 The construction of German and Spanish Gipsy, 431--The purity of Hungarian Gipsy _n_432 Respectable Scottish Gipsies, and the Gipsy language: "Are ye a' Tinklers?" 432 The Gipsy language in America--In Spain _n_432 The number of words sufficient for every-day use in any language _n_432 The Gipsy language in Great Britain mixed, but still serves the purposes of a speech 432 The Scottish Gipsies the last to forget the language--The causes of its perpetuation 433 Hatred of the Gipsies for other people--Mr. Borrow on that hatred

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