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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

450 Mixed races illustrated by individual families


_n_433 The treatment of the Gipsies made them worse than they might have been 434 Gipsy gratitude, 434--Gipsy law--Borrow and Grellmann on Gipsy ingratitude 435 Unreasonableness of expecting much gratitude from Gipsies 435 Gratitude among mankind generally--The nature of benefits conferred on Gipsies 435 Means of improving the Gipsies--The feeling between them and the ordinary natives 436 The name of Gipsy should be raised up, and the tribe respected according to merit 437 Respectable Scottish Gipsies are Scotch people, and should come forward, and own themselves up 437 The Zincali society in the city of New York _n_438 An appeal to the Scottish Gipsies, 438, and to those in America 440 The prejudices of British people against Gipsies, 440, and Americans against Negroes 441 What is to be the future of the Gipsy race?--Gipsydom immortal 441 The introduction of the Gipsies to the society of mankind, 442--The hereditary prejudice of centuries 443 Missions among heathen and Jews, 443--The Gipsies should, at least, be
countenanced 444 The Gipsies are Gipsies everywhere, and under all circumstances 444 The way in which the Gipsies should be received into the society of other people 445 The Gipsies are a people that exist, and not such as disappear, like the American Indians 446 The popular idea of Gipsies and Jews--Gipsies that preach the gospel, and argue the law 447 Erroneous ideas of writers generally as to the Gipsies--Mr. Borrow 448 The Gipsies a question of people--Billy Marshall and his descendants 448 No distinction has been made between race and habits, 448--Chambers' Journal _n_449 The Gipsies compared to a clan, in the olden time--The McGregor clan 449 English, American, and Gipsy races mixed, 450--Mixed races illustrated by individual families, 451 The mixture of Gipsy blood always leaves the issue Gipsy--Jewish Gipsies possible 451 How the subject of the Gipsies has hitherto been treated--It is necessary to sound the mind of the Gipsy 452 The life of a superior Gipsy compared to a continual conspiracy against society 453 The position occupied by the popular kind of Gipsy--His ideas on the persecutions of his race 453 The condition from which all Gipsies have sprung--Popular prejudices and ideas 454 The introduction of German blood into Great Britain and America 454 How the Gipsies have encreased and spread--Native blood has been lost among them 455 The introduction of Huguenot blood into Great Britain and America 455 The Gipsies have hitherto been "strangers in the land," unacknowledged by others 456

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